Exodus 30: 22-33 Unique Anointing Oil

Exodus 30: 22-33….the unique and special anointing oil. The anointing oil had specific amounts of the best spices of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, cinnamon blossom, fragrant cane, and olive oil. The tent of meeting, all the tabernacle furniture, the utensils, and the priests were to be anointed with this special oil, and only this oil. No one else was ever to make or use it as a perfume. It is a sacred (set apart) holy anointing oil. If anyone makes any like it or puts the real thing on a layman, they are excluded from atonement. No false oil or false anointing allowed. No deception or debasing what is holy.is

What is in this special anointing oil?

Myrrh is a resin taken from a thorny tree and it is effective as a painkiller as well as used in perfumes. It is harvested by repeatedly wounding the tree so that it bleeds the myrrh resin. Jesus wore a crown of thorns and hung on a tree to relieve our pains. He was whipped and wounded for our transgressions and by His stripes of blood we are healed and saved. Jesus obedience unto death was a sweet fragrance to the Father…..a fulfillment of His plan of love.

The Hebrew word for cinnamon means, “to strip off the bark”. It is harvested from an evergreen tree that grows for 2-3 years and then is cut to the ground then the shoots springing up are the ones harvested. The outer bark is discarded and the thin layer of inner bark is peeled to become cinnamon. It was so highly prized in the ancient world that it was reserved for kings and gods. Its pleasant fragrance made it an important ingredient in incense. Due to being delicious it was added to the wine of kings. The cinnamon blossom could be used as a herbal remedy, but was also fragrant (like carnations) and had a light cinnamon flavor for foods. So much here…..Jesus is eternal evergreen life. He grew us on earth a short time and was cut down only to bear more multiple shoots. He is the Seed that fell to the ground and died in order to multiply into a huge harvest. By His stripes, we are healed. He was also stripped before being nailed to the cross. He shed the outer bark of His flesh, that He might allow the harvest of His fragrant spicy inner man, His Spirit. He is highly prized by the One True God and King of Kings. He has become our special food of Bread and Wine. Taste and see that the Lord is good!(Psalm 34:8)

Fragrant cane was called “kaneh-bosm” in Hebrew with kaneh meaning hemp reed and bosm meaning fragrant. Today we call it cannibus. WE find it mentioned here in Exodus, also in Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. It has medicinal value as well as being used in incense for its refreshing fragrance. These cane rods were often used as money in trading. Cane rods were also used for measuring tools as when God instructs to measure the temple. Jesus is our medicine and healing….our sweet smelling salts to awaken, refresh, and energize. He is our riches (more than money)above all earthy treasures. He has paid our ransom price. He provides everything we need. In our goal to be like Him, He is our measuring rod/reed. His rod and staff they comfort us.

All this is only for God’s people, His family, His priests, those under Jesus the High Priest…no worldly person can have this real anointing oil. And no person can make and oil like this for counterfeit use as an attractive and pleasing perfume. Misuse, deception, and false anointing will exclude those from atonement and they will remain under the curse and plagues. God is both truth and grace! This is the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit!!! God demands the Holy Spirit be honored and recognized as holy unto God. No imitating spirits tolerated. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is precious, awesome, and holy…and a sweet fragrance of Jesus. Remember, all these spices were mixed with pure olive oil, signifying the Holy Spirit.

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