Exodus 30: 7-10, 34-38 Holy Incense

Exodus 30: 7-10, 34-38 Holy Incense. Aaron was to burn this special holy sweet fragrant incense on the altar before the Holy of Holies presence of God every morning and every twilight….to be perpetual before the Lord. He was to do this the same time he trimmed and tended the 7 candles on the lampstand. He was to ONLY use this incense on the altar, none other, and no other kind of sacrifice of burnt offering grain offering or drink offering upon this altar.

How does this apply to us today? Remember, this incense is like our prayers rising to our Lord. We are to be before His presence perpetually, along with tending to the light of the Holy Spirit in us. It is only the prayers lifted up in the name of Jesus, by His ministering priests, that we are heard and accepted….no other sacrifice allowed or needed, only Jesus at the Altar of Sacrifice.

The perfumed incense is made of stacte, onycha, galbanum, frankincense, and salt.

Stacte….the Hebrew word would actually be translated “drops of water”, but Jewish tradition believes it was myrrh extract which was liquid and added by drops. I am reminded that Jesus sweat great drops of blood…also that He is the Living Water. Plus, myrrh was also used in ancient times as purification and medicinal ointment. Jesus heals and purifies us by His shed blood.

Onycha…the Hebrew translation means “to roar as a lion” and “peeling off by concussion of sound”. This substance comes from the fragrant Rose of Sharon bush. It would stick to sheep’s wool and goat’s beards. It was harvested off of them by combing, but they would cry out in protest. The Pharoahs used it as perfume in their beards to demonstrate they were the lion with the roar over the people. Jesus is the Rose of Sharon. Jesus is the roaring Lion of Judah!

Galbanum…is from a bitter plant and meant to remind of rebellion and deliberate unrepentant sin. It has the perfume smell like strong green grass. It has strong medicinal qualities. Jesus is the strong smell of new life and health that overcomes sin and bitterness.

Frankincense…it is considered a high quality incense. It is tapped from scraggly, hardy trees by slashing the bark until the sap oozes and hardens. The hardened resin streaks are called tears. These trees grow in desolate environments, even right out of rocks. It grows a bulbous disk at the base of the trunk to hold it fast to the rock to stay attached in any storm. Jesus is the greatest and the finest. Jesus is the Rock who holds fast to us as we hold fast to Him, even in wild storms. His crucifixion is seen in the scraggly yet hardy tree, slashing until oozing, and the tears. Thank You Lord Jesus for laying down your life for us!

Salt….is a preservative. It also provides the coarse texture to help crush and grind the other spices into fine powder. Jesus preserves us into eternal life. With Him, all evil can be crushed, even the flesh and evil in us as His spices….that we might become like Him.

This incense is again ONLY for His priests to use in representing the ONE and ONLY Savior Jesus before the Presence of the Father. Jesus is the ONLY Way, Truth, and Life…the ONLY way to be able to pray and fellowship with the Father in real relationship. Thank You Jesus!

One more thing concerning the incense for the Altar of Incense in Exodus….recall that when Jesus was born, they honored Him with these same precious royalty gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This speaks to Jesus being the fulfillment of the King of Kings and also the Lord of Lords. But, it is also prophetically foreshadowing Jesus as our suffering Savior.

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