A Scriptural Pattern

Before we move on in Exodus, let’s look at the pattern of man in scripture, since the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were deceived and enticed by Lucifer/Satan (evil) to go another way than the righteous way God instructed. Even if done in ignorance, the wrong way is still wrong. The wrong way always leads to trouble, and God desires good for His people.

We find the same pattern and problem with Cain who did not heed God’s warning about evil at his door, and instead he rebelled and killed his brother Abel. Cain was banished to preserve the good. Enoch came through generations of Seth, he walked with God and did not see destruction or death…..God took him. But, the other people were straying further and further from God and His righteousness, except for Noah. To preserve the good, God saved Noah and his family through the massive flood that destroyed all the evil.

Again, over time, the people stop being faithful to God, following their own desires and ways of evil. They make a god and determine to raise themselves up to heaven as god in a building…by being unified and doing it together. They raise up the Tower of Babel. To preserve good, God scatters the people and destroys the building project.

Through Noah’s son, Shem, a descendent is raised up and found righteous…Abram. God blesses Abraham for his faithfulness and enters covenant with him and his descendants (remember God promised by His own word, knowing that man would not hold up his side of the bargain). And Abraham is faithful and obedient even to being willing to sacrifice his long awaited only begotten son. But, even Abraham was not perfect and fell into the world’s way of thinking when he asks Sarah to say she is his sister, due to his fear that the elite of Egypt will kill him to get her. What was he doing in Egypt anyway? That is not where God told him to go. But, God saved them anyway by His grace and covenant promise.

We could talk about Isaac who favored his worldly unrighteous son Esau over God’s choice of Jacob who was a faithful servant in his house….and in late age, Isaac became blind and was tricked into blessing Jacob. We can surely see the pattern of going our own way instead of trusting God to follow Him demonstrated in the life of Jacob. Jacob struggled and wrestled with God, back and forth in trickery and going his own way in life, and then back again to God for help in trouble.

Joseph was righteous even while living in evil pagan Egypt. Yet, he and his family (12 tribes of Israel) came to enjoy the privileges and prosperity in Egypt, so they stayed and stayed…too long. This was supposed to be a temporary sojourn, not permanent residence. Their home was in the Promised Land. They stayed too long and became enslaved by Egypt.

So, God raises up another righteous man in the middle of worldly Egypt. Moses humbles himself and learns obedience and how to follow God in the wilderness. Now, we are back to Exodus. The people still have worldly Egypt in them and do not now Moses, God, or how to follow them. Even after God’s amazing deliverance, seeing His power, experiencing His miracles, eating His bread, drinking His water…they turn on Him i unfaithful, adulterous behavior and go back to the idol worship of Egypt!

Ecclesiaates says there is nothing new under the sun…on this earth. Do you see the pattern? The nature of man is fallen fro righteousness. The world is fallen an brings trouble. But, we still have a choice to follow God and His righteousness. We can separate ourselves from the world’s ways and be faithful to Him instead. We an walk with God like Enoch and Abraham. Be wise. Be strong and of good courage. Be faithful to God!

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