The Character of God

After studying through Genesis and this far into Exodus, we should be gettiong a really good glimpse into the character of God. He is the Creator Father who loves His people, is long suffering and patient, persevering and enduring, faithful, trustworthy, full of grace and mercy, forgiving…yet instructions, correcting, and disciplining His sons and daughters because He loves them.

Our Father is absolute truth and absolute righteousness. He is absolutely wise to know what is good. So when we follow and obey Him, His instructions, and do His ways, He knows we will be blessed, empowered to prosper. His Word is true. He never lies. He never changes from the truth. He is also just and judge to preserve good.

God is angered and immensely frustrated and hurt by adultery and unfaithfulness. Every parent is hurt, frustrated, and angered by the disobedience of their children. It means a lack of trust that the Father loves them and is training them in the best way to go.

After all He does for the ones He loves so much, they so easily forsake Him, disobey His instructions, align their allegiance to themselves and what they want or someone else. They close their ears and do not listen for His voice. They no longer fellowship with Him., unless it is out of duty as an obligation or need. They do not care of they know Him or not. Their heart is not attached to love Him! They have other priorities and idols.

This is the adulterous woman and the prodigal son. The question to each one of us is…..
Will I come to my senses, quit playing religious games, and become His with an absolute love and faithfulness/loyalty of heart? Will He truly be my first love? Will I desire to know Him, who He is, how to live….so that I can become like my Father and do what He does? Am I obedient because I love Him and want to please Him, even when it is hard? Do I love Him so much that I will live with Him and in service to Him every day? Is my love as strong as a passionate faithful, serving spouse? Is my mind, soul, and heart attached to Him? After all, He saved my life for eternity and delivers me from destruction. It is even humanly logical to honor and serve a lifesaving hero.

Everyone serves someone or something in life….who or what do you serve? Humanism says serve yourself first. What is your choice? Do you know Him? Do you know His thoughts and ways? Do you follow Him and fellowship and live with Him? Do you really believe His ways are really better than the world’s ways…..therefore in Him and His ways is where you live? Are you wise or foolish? Do you really know God, His character, and His voice? We can come to know Him better through His written Word.

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