Exodus 32: 11-18 Our Advocate

Exodus 32: 11-18. Back on the message for Exodus chapter 2, we looked at how Moses was a prophetic foreshadow of Jesus. In this chapter 32, there are more foreshadows and patterns for Jesus in Moses. Let’s look at the first one…

Our Advocate…when God’s people have become corrupted and adulterous, His holy anger burns. Moses becomes their advocate to save them. His logic is first to preserve the reputation of God as the good keeper of His people and not as their destroyer. The second reason is for God to remember His covenant and word to Abraham. In the same way, Yeshua Jesus is the Advocate who saves us. He is the perfect manifestation of God’s grace and mercy to corrupted, sinful, unholy, adulterous people. Yeshua Jesus is the manifestation of the Promised Seed of the covenant, the Savior.

I am reminded of the parable of the master who wants to destroy a tree that is not bearing fruit, but the gardener asks that he might be given one more year to tend it and try to make it prosper, live, and bear fruit. Yeshua Jesus is our gardener, our Advocate to save us.

This parable in Luke 13: 1-9 also teaches us that those who do not repent and change will be cut down. In other places, Jesus also taught that the unrepentant, corrupt, and unfruitful tree is cut down and dies. Jesus is the Tree of Life and the Vine, only branches attached to Him will live. Check out this pattern in these verses….Matthew 3:10, Matthew 7: 17-19, Matthew 21: 18-21, John 15: 1-5

Basic Christian faith is that Yeshua Jesus is our Advocate who saves us by His love and grace.
John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in (trusts in, depends on, relies on) Him shall be saved.”

We see later in this chapter in Exodus that some choose not to follow ….

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