Exodus 32: 19-20 Moses Foreshadows Jesus Again

Exodus 32: 19-20…Moses foreshadows Jesus again. Moses comes down from the mountain and sees the religious idolatry and adultery of the people and throws down the tablets containing God’s laws! Take a minute…can you think how this foreshadows Jesus? Jesus comes down from heaven to fulfill and obey God’s Word, commands, and covenant. He finds His chosen people blinded by religion and the culture they live in. Remember how Jesus reacts when confronted with this in the temple? Read John 2: 13-18.

The temple was intended to be God’s dwelling place, a place to honor and worship God. When Yeshua Jesus saw what was going on there, it stirred His anger to overturning the money changers tables. The money changer tables were for people to exchange pagan coins for Priest approved temple currency in order to worship by offerings to God. These people were making money and profit by their religion. True prayer, instruction, and worship is not intended to be a business for profit!
Plus, these people were superficial and inconsistent in their religion. They did their religious duty on religious holy days and celebrations, but went back and lived their lives in the world in worldly ways the rest of the time. They did not really have God in their hearts and minds or try to consistently follow Him ad His commands, instructions, and ways. They tried to use their pagan coins to satisfy God instead of following Him in life. What twisted adultery! To think they could justify adultery by using pagan coins provided by the other lover to please and worship the One who should be their One True Love! The temple had become a business and social organization, not a place of prayer and worship in intimate relationship with God. Yeshua Jesus had holy anger that boiled over! What an insult to His Father!

Moses had the same experience..so he is a foreshadow of Jesus. God had come into covenant vow of faithfulness with His people. In turn, they pledged their faithfulness to Him. Moses goes to meet with God intimately and receive instructions for the household of God that they might walk together with Him, follow Him, and have a blessed and prosperous household. While Moses is away, the people quickly turn to another previous lover, Egypt. They still have Egypt and its religions in their hearts and minds! They think they can make a gold idol out of the gold from Egypt to worship and celebrate and lead them out of the wilderness. They have made their own god to follow and now are without control or moral restraint. Moses has holy anger at their adultery! He throws down the law! To me, it demonstrates that they have broken every one of God’s good commands and instructions and do not deserve His love or leadership. Moses turns their gold idol to dust and throws it into the water source. Now, they can eat and drink what they wanted…the gold of Egypt, when they could have lived and prospered by eating manna, the Bread from heaven, and the fresh water from the Rock, the Living Water.

Do you see the pattern? It happens today too! Go back and read the above 2 paragraphs and notice the similarities to today’s “church”, God’s people.

Some examples…Some people pray “the salvation prayer” and say they believe in Jesus, but they quickly go back to living the way they did before, pursue pagan coins with gold as the priority, maybe even giving some out of obligation…they may make or attend worship assemblies/temples as places for entertainment, socialization, and even with a “party spirit”.

Or some people are like the superficial religious people that Jesus encountered at the temple…they do religious tradition, and dutifully do what is expected of them, but without desiring real relationship with God and without the heart and mind to follow Him in life. They are still living in their own ways or the world’s ways.

To meditate on this further….think about what the New Testament teaches us about being the temple of God with the Holy Spirit indwelling us! What kind of temple are we? Are we faithful, or compromising and adulterous in our behavior?
Yet, the first commandment says to have nothing above God, no other gods or priorities. Is God really our First Love?

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