Revelation 1: 1, 9-10 Let’s Begin

Revelation 1: 1, 9-10…to begin our study of the book of Revelation, let’s know the setting. What we can learn from the Amplified version of the Bible. Ask the main questions….

Who? Primarily, it is to reveal Yeshua Jesus (Yeshua is His real name untranslated, Jesus is Greek translated into English). Yeshua Jesus actually means Savior Anointed One. The Father gave these divine mysteries to Yeshua Jesus so that He could reveal them to His faithful bond servants, His true believers (John 14:21, those who follow Him). A divine messenger communicated all this to John, the disciple Yeshua Jesus loved (John 13:23).

What? The divine mysteries in Yeshua Jesus…which must soon begin. This book of Revelation gives supporting evidence to the Word of God ad the testimony of Yeshua Jesus and His complete ministry.

When? Remember, only a short time ago, John was an eye witness to Yeshua Jesus ascending into heaven. Yeshua Jesus had already sent His promised Holy Spirit, the Helper, to fill them (Acts 1-2). The new assembly of believers (translated into English as church), is under terrible intense persecution. So, now what ?
John was in fellowship and communication in the Holy Spirit on the Lord’s day.

There are differing ideas about what the Lord’s Day means. Some believe it refers to the Lord’s set apart day of the Sabbath or 7th day of the week. Some think the Lord’s Day refers to the 1st day of the week, the day of Yeshua Jesus resurrection. Others believe the Lord’s Day refers to God’s appointed feast of The Day of Atonement often referred to as The Lord’s Day. I do not know which idea is correct, but it shows that John was recognizing it as a special day to be set apart to honor, fellowship and worship God with his whole self, in the Spirit.

Where? John is alone on the isle of Patmos, exiled, due to his preaching of God’s Word and testimony about Yeshau Jesus.

Why? To reveal Yeshua Jesus. To reveal things coming to His people. To bless (make happy, prosperous, and to be admired)those who would receive His message….meaning to empower to prosper, to give strength and courage, make happy, inspire others to desire what they have!

How? This message is received by seeing, hearing, heeding, reading, speaking, taking to heart, and keeping His Words…verse 3.

Are you ready to be blessed? Are you willing to take time to hear, read, see, take to heart, and keep these words? Will you ask, seek, and knock so that you might be given, find, and have the door of revelation of Yeshua Jesus be opened to you? (Matthew 7: 7-12, Revelation 3:20

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