Revelation 1: 12 The Lampstands

The first thing John sees is the 7 lampstands. A lampstand is the Old Testament Temple Menorah lampstand with 7 candles. It represents the Holy Spirit, the 7 spirits before the Father’s throne. The number 7 signifies righteous completion, so here the full, complete Holy Spirit. The Menorah lampstand was kept in the inner chamber of the temple. It lit up this area, including the table of unleavened bread, representing the Word of God and the Bread from Heaven, as well as the alter of incense, representing the prayers of the saints, rising up to the Father. It was up to the priests to keep the lampstand lit, the table of bread full of fresh unleavened bread, and the incense rising….all continuously.

There is a 7 candle lampstand for each church. And then, John sees Yeshua Jesus walking among the lampstands! Hallelujah! We have the Holy Spirit enlightening us so we can follow Jesus, the Word made flesh! Both the Holy Spirit and Jesus are around about us. We just need to keep the light lit, the table full of the Unleavened Bread and fresh Word, and bring incense prayer to feed the fire on the alter before Father God.

Next, we will look at Yeshua Jesus and how He is described…..

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