Exodus 32: 21-35 Who is the Lord’s?

Moses sees that the people are out of control in their immorality. He asks Aaron,, who was supposed to be in authority to explain. Aaron tells Moses that he should know these people are prone to evil and they demanded an idol. Then, his lie gets worse…he says he threw their gold in the fire and it fame out a bull calf! Really? This reminds me of the Lord asking Adam about his sin, and Adam blaming Eve and Eve blaming the snake….not keeping the responsible authority God had given him. Yet, Yeshua Jesus always was obedient and faithful to the Word of God!

Moses calls out to all people…”whoever is on the Lord’s side, come to me.” The tribe of Levite priests come to him. He tells them to get their swords and kill everyone in amp who chooses to follow pagan idols, even close family members. 3000 men were killed by the priests who chose the Lord. Moses then dedicated the faithful to the Lord, that He would restore and bless them. Yeshua Jesus also calls out to everyone, “whoever is on My side, come to Me.” He calls His ministering priests, saints, followers, to get their swords which is the Word of God and kill all pagan worship and idolatry in the church camp, even close i family…to speak the truth with correction and authority. They are dedicated and faithful to the Lord. He restores and blesses them.

The next day, Moses becomes an Advocate again for the people. He confesses their sin and asks forgiveness. Moses even offers that His name be blotted out of the Lord’s book instead of theirs. The Lord stands in truth and justice saying that whoever sins against Him will be blotted out, not Moses. He commands Moses to continue to lead the people with the Messenger of the Lord going before him. People will be punished for their sins….and a plague strikes the people because of their idolatry. Yeshua Jesus is our Savior and Advocate. Anyone who chooses and follows Him will have their name written in the Lord’s book of Life along with Yeshua Jesus. Those who remain in their sin, separated from Him, will not find their name in His book. And sin always brings its own plagues and punishments, even in this life. The priests/saints of the Lord will continue to minister to and lead the people with the Holy Spirit Messenger going before them.

Whoever said the Old Testament was irrelevant! Whoever said the Old Testament was not of benefit today? Whoever said the Old Testament was boring? Blessings for those who read and learn…coming to know Father, Son Yeshua Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

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