Revelation 1: 13-20 John Sees Jesus

Revelation 1: 13-20…John sees Yeshua Jesus. Earlier in this chapter there were words that described Yeshua Jesus as the One who exists eternal in the past, present, and forever, our faithful resurrected Savior, Advocate, Witness, High Priest, and King of Kings…the Beginning through to the End. He is coming again as Almighty! So, we read and heard about Him. Now, we see Him!

He is coming again like the Son of Man, only this time not quietly and humbly as an unnoticeable baby or as a sacrificial Lamb of God. This time He is coming as King of Kings, Conqueror of evil, and Almighty! What does Yeshua Jesus look like in His glory?

A robe to His feet with a gold sash. This is likely a pure white linen robe and gold sash which was worn by priests and kings, as well as heavenly angels, to signify authority, honor, respect with holiness. Yeshua Jesus is our High Priest who became man that He would be able to sympathize with us and be a faithful representative in sacrificing His life for us. Yeshua is the King of Kings, the King of Righteousness!

His head and hair were glistening white. Yeshua is radiant and full of glory! He is pure and holy. He enlightens the world. He is also “the Ancient of Days”.

His all seeing eyes flashing like fire, piercing into John’s being. Jesus is not coming the second time with eyes of gentle compassion. They pierce through the flesh to see and judge the inner man. The fire in His eyes burns away evil and flesh.

His feet are refined burnished bronze. Many of the furnishings and utensils of the temple were made of bronze, including the cleansing bowl. Burnished bronze signifies sin having been purified in fire. Yeshua Jesus is the sacrifice by fire upon the alter in the tabernacle of God. We also read in Ephesians 1:22, “He put all things in every realm, in subjection under Christ’s feet, and appointed Him as head over al the church.” This is also fulfillment of the prophecy in Genesis 3: 15, that the Messiah would fatally bruise Satan’s head, but only be able to bruise the Messiah’s heel. Here, Yeshua Jesus has feet of burnished bronze, purified, overcoming sin, and everything under His feet.

His voice is powerful like the thundering sound of many waters. Yeshua Jesus is the Word and voice of God in the flesh (John 1: 1-5, 14). The Word of God is authoritative, powerful accomplishes what it says, never fails, speaks truth, and by it the whole world was created! God’s Word is thunderous and demands attention.

In His right hand, He holds 7 stars. Revelation 1:20 tells us the 7 stars are 7 divine messengers to the 7 churches. They are in His right hand which is a place of prominence and who He primarily works through to minister to His church. In 1 Corinthians 12, we can read about these divine messengers who are the right hand ministers in Yeshua’s church body.

From His mouth comes a two-edged sword of judgement and truth. We learn in Ephesians 6:17, that the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit. He uses it to cut away what should not be in us and to drive away our enemy. Hebrews 4:12 teaches us that it is a two-edged sword that an divide soul from spirit, and judges and exposes the very thoughts and intentions of the heart.

His face is like the sun shining in full power, reflecting His majesty and holy glory! Yeshua Jesus is radiant! He is so holy that we cannot even look directly at Him….just as Moses could not look directly at thee face of God. His glory is magnificent!

When you see Yeshua Jesus in all His power and glory, do you just feel like running up to Him to give Him a big hug? I do not think so. John fell at His feet as if dead. Ezekiel and Daniel had the same reaction when seeing Yeshua Jesus in a vision. And remember, in life on earth, John had walked closely with Yeshua Jesus at His first coming. Then we hear the comforting and welcoming words of Yeshua Jesus telling us to NOT be afraid. And He reminds us of all He has done for us because He loves us. He reassures us that He has the viotory over sin, evil, and death.

He tells John to write down what he has seen so far in the vision, the things that are happening now, and what will take place.
So much to learn!

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