Exodus 34:1-28 Moses the Mediator

Exodus 34:1-28…After the adultery and repentance of God’s people, Moses goes back up the mountain alone with two new tablets to get God’s covenant laws. Moses is the mediator of the first old covenant, as Yeshua Jesus is the Mediator of the second New Covenant, the fulfillment of the old covenant.

Read what God says about Himself when He proclaims His name an who He is in verses 5-7. His love, compassion, forgiveness, faithfulness, and long suffering is over the top! BUT, He also punishes the guilty for their sin to straighten them out! Moses goes up and worships, repents, and asks for forgiveness.

In verses 10-27, the Lord tells about His covenant and His promises with His people. He will do awesome things for them and defeat their enemies to give them the Promised Land. BUT, the Lord warns them too! He warns them about what they must do to keep remembering Him. He haws specifications for Holy Feast Days and sacrifices to keep…because they all point to Jesus and will be fulfilled specifically. To the Lord, truth is of utmost importance. And He warns them about staying away from mixing with pagan people lest they get drawn away from Him by them…by making treaties, but also e3specially by intermarriage. (Do you see these same ways and warnings in the New Testament for today as well? God’s ways are consistent over time.)

Moses is there 40 days and 40 nights, without food or water. That long without water is humanly impossible! This is the foreshadow of Yeshua Jesus beginning His ministry alone with the Father God in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights without food or water. Yeshua Jesus was the Mediator and Advocate to administer the New Covenant through Himself…His own blood!

We should be so thankful that our Lord is awesome love, grace, compassion, faithfulness, forgiveness, and long suffering with us…even thankful for His correction. If sin went unpunished and uncorrected, then evil would triumph over good! God wants to bring us back into His goodness! He warns us to keep us close to Him. Repentance and changing to follow Him and His righteous ways is a precious gift of His love! His great love works to try to keep us away from evil! We need to listen to Him with thanksgiving and a humble heart with love!

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