Exodus 34:29- 40:36 Exodus Ends

We come to the end of Exodus. So, we will now have completed Genesis and Exodus…the age of the patriarchs of the Lord. This will mainly be reading from the Bible with little comment from me.

The end of chapter 34 we see Moses face becomes radiant after he speaks with the Lord. This seems to be similar to the radiance of Jesus at His transfiguration in Matthew 17. That seems fitting when we think of all the foreshadowing of Jesus in Moses’ life.

The rest of Exodus tells us all the details of collecting materials and the building of the Tabernacle, its furnishings, and the priests garments, etc. So much detail! So much beauty! So much excellent skill being gifted by God. That should tell us something about God and where He dwells.

They had started counting their years based on when they were delivered and set free from Egypt. So, we read in Exodus 40: 17, that the finished Tabernacle and furnishings were set up and dedicated on the first day of the first month….of the second year. They had been in the wilderness 2 years now. They had demonstrated their faithfulness and devotion to God in building according to His instructions. Now, God came to inhabit the Tabernacle…to dwell with them, and to lead them! He came in the cloud and in the fire! Does that remind you of Jesus coming again in the clouds to dwell with us and the Holy Spirit coming in the fire at Pentecost to dwell in us? How amazing and wonderful! A new start with the Lord!!!

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