Revelation 2:9 Hypocrites

Revelation 2:9, “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan, they are Jews only by blood, and do not truly believe or honor God whom they claim to worship.” Amplified version.

Let’s look at some history concerning the pattern of claiming to be Jews, but are not. We read in the Old Testament, after the reign of King David, Israel and its kings become adulterous in paganism and rebel against God, yet at the same time still claim to be God’s people and religious ceremonial practices, sacrifices, and feast days in the temple. God sent the prophets to correct them, but they would not listen and change. They were Jews by blood line, but not God’s people in mind, heart, and behavior. They ended up defeated and captured by Babylon and Assyria.

If you recall, Daniel was a captive in Babylon. Daniel, as well as anyone else with wisdom, skills, or previous leadership who Babylon thought could be useful, was set up for conversion training. The Israelites religious leaders who were already tolerating paganism, learned about Babylonian religion and mysticism, and combined it with Jewish religion. The result was a cult of a Jewish Babylonian mystic religion often called Rabbinic Judaism, under a new book called the Talmud. (The first 5 books of the Old Testament are called the Torah.) Besides corrupted philosophy, the Talmud had many man-made religious laws. When the Jews finally went back to Jerusalem to rebuild, they brought back the corrupted religion and leaders with them. Do you remember the parable that informs us that the wheat and tares grow together? There were also some true faithful Jews like Daniel who were still striving to know and follow their One True God. Some who were rebuilding Jerusalem were also true faithful Jews.

After many years, we see the same pattern happening again. Remember how Jesus criticized and rebuked the religious leaders? They were still corrupted with Babylonian religious influence. Again, they claimed to be Jews, God’s people, but they did not know, honor, or follow God in mind, heart, or behavior. Jesus called them hypocrites,, snakes, blind, and white washed tombs. Again, the Jews are defeated and conquered. This time by the Roman Empire, and Jerusalem burns in 70AD….just as Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24. The people are scattered to all nations. (This pattern reminds me of the Tower of Babel. Nothing new under the sun. Right?) Therefore, all the Jewish Christians also scattered, creating church assemblies throughout the Mideast. Thus, we have Paul’s ministry journeys and letters in the Bible, as well as the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation.

Being the Promised Land connected the continents, it was an area big in trade routes and trade. While the Jews began as a nomadic people, once back in the Promised Land, they learned and took advantage of the trade opportunities. So, when they had to flee Jerusalem, they knew some people and places where they might be welcome.

Some of them went up to an area north by the Caucus Mountains. The people there were pagan, but successful traders. They accepted their Jewish friends into the kingdom. These people were masters at manipulating things to their advantage. They were running into problems being betwe4en enemies. The Muslims on their east side were at war with the Roman Empire and Catholics on their west side. The King demanded everyone become Jewish, like their friends, for the political advantage of not taking sides in war and economic advantage of trade with both sides.

Eventually, was caused most to leave that area, with many moving north into Eastern Europe, many in the areas of today’s Ukraine, Germany, and Poland. These people became known as Ashkenazi Jews. Again, many of these people were now claiming to be Jews, but were not really God’s people. By now, there were also those who were Jewish by religion and conformed to traditional religious law (often the Babylonian Judaism, but they did not know the One True God in truth. Others claimed to be Jewish, but had no real faith at all, more like atheists.

Satan used this situation and these people to continue his takeover plans for earth and its people. Satan has been working on stealing people and the earth from the Creator and making himself god since his own rebellion and fall, and has been working his plan through people since the Garden of Eden.

Back to the Ashkenazi Jews. After fleeing Jerusalem and becoming citizens of the new kingdom to their north, many who were Jews by blood intermarried with pagan women. So, some if these may have become atheist or only adapting to Jewish traditional religion. They claim to be Jews, possible by blood, but not by heart. They were Jews because it was convenient and advantageous.

The trading and money changer culture of the non-Jew was willing to manipulate things for their best monetary profit. God has rules about charging interest….read Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25: 36-37, Deuteronomy 23: 19-20, Nehemiah 5: 7-10, Psalm 15:5, Ezekiel 18: 8-17. In God’s view, lending money, especially to a “brother”, is meant to be a help in time of need, it is not supposed to be an opportunity to gain wealth at the expense of the poor.

Yet, we find a family of Ashkanazi Jews in Germany who open a finance and money changing bank (against God’s Jewish Old Testament laws). The patriarchs of this family had been a trader and money changer, and passed those skills on to his son, Meyer. Meyer had been studying the Talmud (Babylonian mystic Judaism) until the age of 12, and then went to apprentice at the firm of Wolf Jacob Oppenheimer (Jewish name, who provided credit to royalty and worked international trade, especially in bullion. They used a red shield as their logo, in order to gain local customers, they decided to change their last name…so they changed their last name to match their logo…Rothschild…red shield in German. Do you recall how these people were willing to change their religion for profit of wealth? Here is the same pattern again in name change for profit.

Meyer Rothschild found favor with British Prince William and in 1769, he was granted the title of court agent. In 1770. he also gained great wealth by marrying the daughter of another court agent, including a very generous dowry. During the French Revolution, he profited from supplying the Austrian army with British currency. Through industrialization, he greatly expanded his operations in England and then throughout the world. Mayer had 5 sons. He set up each son with a bank in different major European cities (Frankfurt, Paris, London, Vienna, and Naples). This was the beginning of the Rothschild international banking control. The new Rothschild symbol was 5 arrows for the 5 sons. To promote the wealth staying in the family, he promoted inter marriage, marriage between cousins.

Meyer’s son, Nathan, became the most successful in England. He greatly increased his wealth through stock gains after the Battle of Waterloo. He manipulated his sale and purchase of stock by sending spies to learn the outcome of the battle before the markets heard the news. Seeing that tactic, he began , the strategy of lending to governments during war, in cooperation with his brothers’ international banks. The family wealth grew no matter who won the war. In 10 years, from 1818, their wealth grew from about 500,000 pounds to 4,330,333 pounds. As international bankers and entrepreneurs, the Rothschilds had great influence in the New World called America. That is another huge topic..anyway….back to our Jewish focus.

We come to 1917. With the British victory in WW1, they declare The Balfour Declaration. It is a letter/promissory note)from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Author Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, the leader of the British Jewish community under the name of Zionists. This declaration gave Palestine as a nat6ional home for Jews under Zionism. Some say it was given to pay off Britain’s war debt to the Rothschilds.

Now that we have learned all this history, do we have a better understanding of Revelation 2:9? Who are those who say they are Jews, but are not? Is God pleased with these people? Is Jesus pleased with these people? Who are God’s chosen people? Are atheist Zionists who rule in today’s Israel really God’s chosen people? Are we saved by our genetic heritage? And look back at these verses in Revelation 2, it is these people who persecute and bring suffering to God’s true people! A thought concerning the past…..who persecuted and killed Jesus? A thought for the future…if we look at foreshadowing and pattern in scriptures, who persecuted Christians? Answer….corrupted false religion and atheistic governments of dictatorship. That is what we find again in Revelation prophesy! Ecclesiastes says nothing is new under the sun.

Romans 3:22, “The righteousness of God comes through faith in Jesus Christ for all those (Jew and Gentile) who believe and trust in Him and acknowledge Him as the God’s Son. There is no distinction.” Amplified version.

Follow Yeshua Jesus and His true followers, as God’s Anointed and His chosen people. Why should you show support and loyalty to traditional Judaism or Yes, we serve to evangelize and give testimony of Yeshua Jesus as the Son of God and Savior to them, as we do to all in the world! Be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. Know your enemy. Stay innocent (not guilty of evil) and free of deception, by knowing truth. Matthew 10:16

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