Revelation 2:9 The Counterfeit Pattern

Revelation 2:9. the Counterfeit pattern. The bible reveals to us many consistent patterns of truth. One of these is warning us about the counterfeit of truth, used in deceiving people. This is how the devil tempted and defeated Adam and Eve. He mixed lies that sound good and desirable with a little truth so it sounds right. Counterfeit and deception are lies mixed in with truth…just a little lie, but looks and sounds good. That is the same as the hypocrite who looks good and right on the outside, but inside at heart is not true but rather corrupted. His heart and mind is truly set on himself or the world, not on God.

I am reminded of the parable of the wheat and the tares (Matthew 3:12, Matthew 13: 2-30). Tares look like wheat, but can be recognized when they do not bear good fruit. The tares are counterfeits. Jesus accused the Pharisees and Sadducees of being hypocrites and white washed tombs…counterfeit religious.

Jesus, the disciples, and Paul warn many times about false prophets and teachers, wrong doctrines and wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is all the Counterfeit Pattern in order for the enemy to infiltrate and defeat God’s true people and followers! Very dangerous because they look and sound good, even religious and moral! It leads people away from God, even good people! People who are not aware and diligent to find truth can easily be fooled/tricked, even if they have good intentions towards God. Hosea 4:6 says people are destroyed for lack of knowledge of Him and His ways.

We saw in Rev. 2:9, that there are Jews who claim to be Jews, but are not. There are also people who claim to be Christians (Christ followers), but are not! This is a huge problem in today’s church. God’s people have been immensely infiltrated by wrong religious doctrine, false prophets, false teachers, even false worshippers! They make claims to be Christian, but are not truly Christians at heart or in the way they live. Some are frauds with purposeful evil intent being led by Satan. Beware, many of today’s media preachers, prophets, evangelists, and authors are counterfeit.

There are also average church goers who think they are Christians by claiming it, but in truth have no personal relationship with God. Their motivations for religion can be varied from following learned traditions, socializing and fellowship, entertainment, to soothe their conscience, or just “fire insurance” from hell. They still want to live how they want or how the world lives. They have no intentions to really give their life to Jesus and earnestly strive to repent and change to know Him and follow Him.

How can we know who is and who is not deceived or a deceiver? First, we need to know Father, Son Yeshua Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in close personal relationship. We need to continue to grow to know God and His character and His ways more and more. He has given us the Word of God in written form to help us….and even more has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us and reveal things to us. We must read, meditate on His Words, pray, and listen to Him. It is not works based faith but just how we get to know Him more….spend time with Him.
The more we know Him, even in the details, the easier it will be to recognize a counterfeit of His truth. We will think, “this does not sound like or look like God’s character or the way He works.” The Holy Spirit might give us an uneasy thought or feeling when encountering counterfeit. Be aware, alert, responsive to His nudges and urgings.

Religious counterfeit and hypocrisy is not the only deception. There is deception in everything…education, politics, business, economic commerce, medicine and pharmaceuticals, governance, charity organizations, entertainment, music, all media forms, including new outlets, social media, movies, etc…..even down to someone saying they are your friend, but secretly back-stabbing or gossiping about you. Satan will work in every area of life in every opportunity given him. Satan is the great deceiver, the great counterfeiter. He possess the antichrist in the end times, who is so deceptive, looking good but being evil, so that even God’s elect might be deceived!

Thank you Lord Yeshua Jesus that you come to totally defeat this horrible deceiver and counterfeiter of truth! You are truth! And yours is the final victory!

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