Rev. 2: 18-29 Message to Church at Thyatira

Revelation 2: 18-29 the message to the church at Thyatira. Jesus announces Himself as the Son of God with eyes blazing fire and burnished bronze feet. He is all authority with piercing, righteously angry eyes, who puts all sin and evil under His feet! These people are doing good deeds and seem like good people….BUT….

They have a big problem that Satan is keeping secret from them! They are really deceived! There are people, especially leaders, saying that they are telling the truth and speaking for God, but they are really misleading them to other loves, to be adulterous towards God, and to actually consume and internalize pagan doctrines, practices, and worship! This is also happening today under American leaders.

This has been happening in the Christian Church today also and has actually been happening since John wrote this letter! one example is saying that God’s love and grace is so great that living wrong does not really matter. Some believe truth and morals are relative. Some churches depart from God’s truth in His Word and mislead people to tolerate sexual immorality and abortion of babies. Another example is including satanic spiritual mysticism in worship services and claiming it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Some churches have special events scheduled for hypnotists and yoga instructors. Some churches have hard rock concerts to entertain youth with satanic lyrics and sounds. This is “followers” of Jesus tolerating evil as if it is OK!

Jezebel was a wicked Hebrew queen in the Old Testament. She was a political leader, as well as of great religious influence. She had converted to the paganism around her and had hundreds of pagan prophets at her disposal. She fed her Hebrew pagan prophets at her table and they ate food sacrificed to idols together! They led the people astray. She made sure to get her way and what she wanted. She persecuted and tried to kill Elijah because he continually told the truth of God and His true Word. She was supposed to be one of God’s chosen people, but se became adulterous, and she spread her adultery. Jezebel is considered by many to be the most wicked woman in the Bible.

In verse 21, Jesus says He gave her time to repent, but she was unwilling. If there is no repentance and change, then those adulterers and those who lie with them will get immense suffering…and their offspring will die also.

For all those who hold fast to truth and do God’s will, and not learn the adulterous ways and secrets, they will rule in righteousness and authority over nations in the Millenium. And Jesus will give them the Morning Star, which is an ever new and living relationship with Him! Hear what Jesus says!

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