Revelation 3: 14-22 to the Church at Laodicea

Revelation 3: 14-22…message to the church at Laodicea. Jesus announces Himself as the One at the beginning of creation, the Amen at the end, and the trusted, faithful, and true witn4ess through the middle. He is ever present, sees everything, and is everything! Again, He is the First, the Last, and everything in between!

Jesus knows their deeds are not cold (refreshing and invigorating) or hot (healing and therapeutic). This is significant because Laodicea had a prestigious reputation due to their impressive medical center. Jesus rejects their hypocrisy and worldliness with disgust.

The people in the church of Laodicea were probably basically good civilized people. They were self sufficient and independent. They were proud of their success. They had wealth, material riches, comforts, and no needs unmet. Sounds like many people in the American church, right?

So, what is the problem? They are deceived! They think they are blessed, but they are really spiritually poor, miserable, blind, and naked…in great need without putting their hope in Jesus. They may even think they are doing well on their own and do not need Jesus! They may even feel satisfied and comfortable without Him.

Yet, they have not acquired any real riches from Jesus! They have no gold refined in fire. They have no white clothes of righteousness to cover the shame of their nakedness. They have no anointed healing salve for their eyes so that they might see. What do they have of lasting value for all their own efforts? If you want to study what Jesus considers to be true blessings and abundant living, check out the beatitudes in Matthew 5-7. (If you scroll way down in this blog site, there is an inspired study on this.)

This church gets harsh discipline and correction! But….Jesus explains that He disciplines those He dearly loves…with rebukes showing faults and discipline with instruction…so they can change into real abundant life! So be enthusiastic! Jesus loves You! Repent so that you exchange your old ways of thinking and sinful behavior and seek God’s will instead of your won will and wants. Humble yourself, love and serve Him. Change your inner self. Let Jesus inside to take the throne of your mind and heart.

He is knocking. Do you hear His voice? Your chose relationship and fellowship with Him can begin if this is the first time you have opened the Door of intimate relationship with Him, or if you can be restored if you have wandered away. Jesus says…. that if you overcome the world and its demand for priority allegiance, and come to Me, then you can have the privileges to sit as one of My right hand men/women….ever in My presence, a friend of God.

Do you hear this message and this offer from the Son of God? How marvelous! Open your eyes and see the deception of the world and repent into the victory and abundant life in Him! How precious are the riches we get from Yeshua Jesus!

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