Revelation 3:7-13 the Church in Philadelphia

Revelation 3: 7-13…to the church in Philadelphia. In verse 7, Yeshua Jesus announces Himself as the open Door to Father God. He is the Key to the house. He is the fulfillment of the Savior/Messiah promised to the house of David. ONLY He can open the door to God. And when He opens the door, no one will be able to shut it on you. Our salvation is secure in fellowship with Him. Yeshua Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life.

This message is for those who have a little power to choose Him, have kept His Word, have not renounced or denied His name…with perseverance and endurance. Like the church at Smyrna, they are also persecuted by those who say they are Jews, but are not. They are only Jews by blood and not by a heart for the One True God. They are of the synagogue of Satan. But, Yeshua Jesus says that He is going to make them know without a doubt that He loves His true followers. These hypocrite Jews will actually bow to true believers.

Yeshua is going to keep these enduring and persevering followers safe during the global tribulation time. Yeshua Jesus promises He is coming quickly, so just hold onto Him tightly. Do not let anyone lead you to renounce your faith and lose your crown. You will overcome the evil world by believing Yeshua Jesus is the Son of God. You will be a strong support, a piller in the body (temple) of Christ. Stick close to Yeshua Jesus and you will never leave the presence of God. God’s name, His address, and Yeshua Jesus new name will be written on you…as belonging to Him…being His…destination New Jerusalem, city of God, coming down from heaven.

Do you hear that? What promises! What a great assured hope! What a great encouragement to endure and persevere in holding fast to Yeshua Jesus…no matter what!

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