7 Church Messages for Us Today

Jesus messages to the 7 churches in Revelation are timeless. They still apply as warnings, instructions, and encouragement for us today. We must pay attention to what the Spirit is saying to us!

In summary, these are the warnings of Satan’s schemes to separate us and draw us way from Yeshua Jesus….
Get so busy with good works that we no longer take time for our intimate love relationship with Yeshua Jesus.
Persecution and making life difficult…combined with leaders ad people we trust leading us the wrong way with wrong solutions.

False prophets, false teachers, false leaders…who deceive with counterfeit doctrine, counterfeit knowledge, counterfeit authority….counterfeit meaning it is so close tot he real thing that it can pass as true, but is not and has no real value.
The tolerance of evil…twisted “truth” and presented as a “good idea” or “feels good” thing through deception…accepted and promoted by political and religious leaders.
Being unresponsive to God…by sleeping, being comatose, or almost dead. Also, not awake to what is true and really happening in the world around them…more deception.
Lukewarm to God and others….their hearts focused on themselves and what they can do in the world….worldliness….focus on personal success, identity, achievement, independence, self-sufficiency, self-emotions, self comfort, entertainment, pleasures, material possessions, gaining wealth, etc…leading to self-fulfillment and pride…they sense no need for God, but they are poor, blind, and naked in what really matters.

These schemes of Satan to pull us away from God can be remembered with words beginning with “d”….deceptions, distractions, desires, distancing, dumb meaning ignorant), destructions, deregulations, demoralization, and no depth…all influenced by false leaders and dependence on following them and the crowd.

I am remembering Jesus parable in Matthew 13: 1-23 about the Sower and the Seed, which is the Word of God. Some seed falls on hard roads and the birds eat it. John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Some seed falls on rocky soil and sprouts but has no root depth so when the sun scorches it, it withers. Some seed is among thorns and gets choked out. But there is some seed that enters good fertile soil and bears fruit.

I am also reminded of the many examples in the Old Testament where God’s people were enticed and drawn away from God by these same methods and patterns.

We must pay attention and examine ourselves! Have we fallen into any of these pits and traps? Is it time to repent and change as Jesus disciplines and instructs us? This is sesrious! This is life or death!

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