Revelation 4: 1-11 Summary and Elders Around the Throne

Revelation 4: 1-11… We have been called up to heaven and the presence of Creator Father and entered through the Door (Jesus). Yeshua Jesus who first came to earth as the sacrificial Lamb is finished fulfilling the old covenant, and He has just spoken His Word to those in the new church age. With the voice LIKE a war trumpet, He is announcing what comes after…next…His new position as Victor and King!

We see the One True God on the throne. His appearance is LIKE a precious countenance of variegated tan and brown flesh tones with the fiery red blood of Life. We are flesh and blood, made in His image. We might also be reminded that Jesus earlier appeared with fiery red piercing eyes and burnished bronze feet. Jesus told His disciple that if they had seen Him, then they had seen the Father. So, the red and bronze colors have layer of meaning.

The angels and elders are singing praises to the eternal Creator! The “we” of the Creator, the three in One, is being revealed in an emerald green shaded rainbow around about the throne and a crystal clear sea before it, representing all creation living on land and sea. Jesus i speaking, the One is on the throne, and in front of the throne are 7 lamps of fire, which is the 7 spirit of God, the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We see God as the three in One.

Here is an amazing detail…in Hebrew understanding, they considered themselves the land, the people of the Promised Land, while the rest of the world, the Gentiles, were considered the turbulent sea of people. Now consider that the view directly in front of the One, the Heavenly Father, is the Holy Spirit and the smooth glass crystal sea. We are at the point in time where Pentecost has come and the Holy Spirit is in the earth to bring all people a sea of people, to the Creator Father through revelation of Yeshua Jesus, His Son! This is a smooth, pure, crystal relationship, no longer turbulent with whosoever will! This is what the Creator Father has in view right in front of Him!

Around the One are 24 elders on 24 thrones. Some people have the idea that these elders are the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel and the 12 disciples. but, I am not sure. First, notice that John does not mention that he recognizes any of these elders. Had he seen his companion with Christ, he likely would have said so. Also, who was sitting in his throne? And at the transfiguration of Jesus, John recognized Elijah and Moses, who he had never met! He does not say anything about seeing any of the patriarchs. I am reminded that Jesus taught that the first would be last and the last would be first. The unknown humble may be sitting on those thrones, dresse4d in white robes of righteousness. They are praising God continually and throwing down their gold crowns before Him! Holy are You, almighty eternal Ruler, Creator of all…because of Your will, all exists…You are worthy to receive glory, honor, power, and worship!

Next time, we will look at the four living creatures around the throne of God.

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