Revelation 4:1-2 Door to Heaven is Open and Revelation 4: 2-11 One Seated on the Throne

Revelation 4: 1-2…a Door opens to heaven with the same voice of the Lord as John head before. The voice of Yeshua Jesus, who just finished speaking in warning His beloved churches, calls John to come up and see. Yeshua Jesus is the only open Door to the heavenly Father, and He is still calling whosoever will respond. (John 10:3, Revelation 3:20, John 3:16)

In verse 1, it says the voice “is like” a trumpet. Notice how many times “is like” appears in this chapter. In chapter 5, we see the Lamb before the throne of God. We know this is not really a lamb, but a reference to Yeshua Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb of God who paid for the sins of all mankind. With that in mind, let’s look at chapter 4 for what it represents symbolically spiritually. At the same time, it would not surprise me if this truly does describe heaven’s throne room poetically! God does things like that, in reality matching spiritual. So, we an see this vision in our poetic imagination also. But first, what spiritual messages should we search out?

Yeshua Jesus is the open Door to the Father’s throne in heaven. His voice calls us up to join Him in the presence of the Father. He desires all people believe and trust Him that they might enter the Father’s presence in heaven. 1 Timothy 2: 3-6

Revelation 4:1 says that Yeshua Jesus is going to reveal things that must take place after these things. After what things? I believe the “theses things” that Yeshua is referencing is the things He just spoke about concerning His messages to the 7 churches. We mentioned that these messages are applicable for all churches and individuals during the whole church age. At this time, Yeshua Jesus had already come to earth as the sacrificial Lamb of God. He has ascended into heaven and He has sent the Holy Spirit to come to minister on earth. The church age of believers and followers of Jesus has begun. They are already under persecutions nd satanic attack. Yeshua has given warnings, rebukes, discipline, correct5ion, instructions, and encouragement to those in the church age. Now, He is switching to what happens after all this…what is next?

In the Amplified Bible, it says that His voice now sounds like a war trumpet! In His new position, He is coming as Victor and King! He is announcing war against evil. He is going to remind us that His authority and power are greater than the enemy! How exciting is what is to come? He is present to rescue and keep us!

Revelation 4: 2-11. Behold, One seated on the throne in heaven! His appearance is LIKE jasper stone and fiery red ruby, and encircling the throne is a rainbow LIKE the colors of emerald! How magnificent! What does this mean?

A jasper stone is variegated colors of beautiful tans and browns. The appearance of the One on the throne is LIKE jasper and ruby. We are made in teh image and likeness of this One. The human race is made up of many beautiful variegated tones of tans and browns, plus given His breath of life in their fiery red ruby blood. Do you see it? Our Creator is revealing Himself to us! This is the book of Revelation!

In verse 2 we see a rainbow of emerald colors surrounding His throne. Emeralds come in many shades of green, from yellowish green, to bright green, to bluish green. On the earth, green is the color of life and food! The One on the throne is the Creator of earth and all life in it, including the people made in His image. In verse 6, we see that before the throne is something LIKE a huge crystal clear sea LIKE glass. The One on the throne is also the Creator of the seas and pure fresh waters. When He created them, they were all good and pure. He created all the seas/oceans and fresh waters and everything in them. We are before the throne of the Creator of all! In verses 8 and 11, they sing praises to the One who was, who is, and is to come…the Creator, the One with all authority, ruler over all, and eternal!

We are in the presence of holy, awesome, almighty, righteous Creator God! And because of His will we were created and brought into being! And because of His Son, we can stand forgiven and justified in His presence! We should fall on our knees in thanksgiving and praise!

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