Revelation 4: 6-8 Four Beings Around the Throne

Revelation 4: 6-8….the four alive beings in the center and around the throne. They are LIKE a lion, LIKE an ox, LIKE a creature with the face of a man, and LIKE an eagle. Let’s begin with the Hebrew mindset….

When Moses led God’s people out of Egypt and into the Wilderness, God gave instructions to build the Tabernacle. It was the place of God’s presence on His mercy seat above the ark of the covenant. They Tabernacle was the center of the camp. So, God’s presence was in the center on the throne. In Numb4ers 2, we can read about how God instructed the family tribes to be situated around the tabernacle. They were organized with three tribes in each direction, the north, south, east, and west….with one leading tribe on each side. They north, south, east and west represents covering the whole earth. The banner of the leading tribe flew above the encampments in each direction.

Frist, if you notice the population of the armies, Judah leads 186,406 im the east, Reuben leads 151,450 in the south, Ephraim (Joseph’s son) leads 108,100 in the west, Dan leads 157,600 in the north. A longer group to the east, shorter camp to the west, with equal distances on the north and south. If you would draw border lines around these boundaries, and view it from above, you would see the shape of a cross with the base towards the east and the Tabernacle in the center! This reminds us of Yeshua Jesus who is the bright Morning Star rising in the east. He is also coming again to Jerusalem through the eastern gate! The arrangement also reminds us that God on His throne is the heart and center of all! Even God’s alignment of the tribes is prophetic of our Savior Messiah on the cross with the Father’s heart as His core!

There is more! The banner over Judah is the lion. The banner over Reuben is the man. The banner over Ephraim is the ox. The banner over Dan is the eagle. Th4ese banners are consistent with the blessings Isaac speaks over his sons in Genesis 49.

Judah is prophesied royalty, the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah! This is Yeshua Jesus! The King in the beginning at creation and in the end!

Reuben was the firstborn son who should have and preeminent dignity and power, but he fell into immorality with his father’s wife (not his mother) and therefore fell under the curse…Reuben was the fallen son like the fist Adam. Yeshua Jesus is the second Adam, in prophesy as the Son of Man, yet the Son of God who humbled Himself to being born into humanity. Yeshua Jesus is the eternally living being, yet with the face of a man.

Ephraim, the son of Hebrew Joseph and His Egyptian wife, was prophesied as the primary Vine, fruitful, the one who is persecuted yet protected and protects…this is Yeshua Jesus as Savior for all people, Jew and Gentile, the Vine that give life and bears fruit, our living connection to Creator Father, the Good Shepherd who protects and keep His persecuted people, so that they are prosperous in Him. In Hebrew thought, the ox represents strength and authority as the father has over his household. Ephraim is the ox and prophesies through foreshadowing these qualities in Jesus, the head of the church household.

Dan is the eagle. He is prophesied by Isaac as the judge of the people. Dan was the last tribe in line when the Israelites broke camp in the wilderness to move on to another place. This is consistent with the ministry of Yeshua Jesus through His Holy Spirit….to convict people of sin, righteousness, and judgement…that they might repent, change, turn to proat5icing righteousness and follow Him! The eagle has sharp eyesight from high up in the sky! Like the eagle, Yeshua Jesus is a predator of evil. And He bears us up on strong eagle’s wings! And Yeshua Jesus will be Judge in the Last Day of all people, the living and the dead!

Eevn God’s alignment of tribes moving out is prophetic of our Savior Yeshau Messiah and His timeline. Judah first,, then Reuben, the Levite priesthood and Tabernacle in the middle, then Ephraim, and lastly Dan. Yeshua is the almighty King from heaven who came to earth in the form of and with the face of sinful man. He bore the sinof mankind on the cross and was resurrected as our High Priest as sacrifice for sin and Savior. In Him, we become a royal priesthood and holy nation unto God. Connected to Him as the primary Vine, we become fruitful and prosperous, in spite of persecution and suffering together with Him. Lastly, Yeshua Jesus comes as Judge over sin and over all people! He will judge the living an the dead! He will come again as King of Kings in victory over evil! He will rule and reign on earth as God originally intended man to rule with righteousness, dignity, power, and valor!

Here is the hallelujah…the four alive beings around the throne of God in heaven are the same! The lion, man, ox, and eagle all pointing to Yeshua Jesus.
Yeshau Jesus told His disciples, if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father! Yeshua and Father are One and on the throne in heaven!

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