Revelation 5…The Covenant Document

Revelation 5…the Covenant document and its fulfillment!

In the right hand of the One on the throne is a scroll, closed and sealed with 7 seals. Seven is the number of total righteousness. It has writing on the back and inside. This is significant because an ancient Hebrew covenant like a Last Will and Testament was written on the outside to name the heirs worthy to pen it and inside what the inheritance entailed. This is a Covenant of Righteousness. A strong angel in a loud voice asks who is worthy to open it. No on is found worthy to open the scroll and look inside. John, who knows about God’s Covenant of Righteousness with man, begins to weep greatly because no on is found worthy to open it.

But, one of the elders tells him to stop weeping. Look…the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome and conquered and is worthy to open the covenant of righteousness scroll!!! Yeshua Jesus is the promised Messiah through the line of David AND He fulfilled all prophecy of the covenant, the Word of God. He died to fulfill this covenant so that the heirs might now inherit with Him, as the Son of Man and Son of God! And He was resurrected, ascended, and is now before the throne of the Father as Savior and High Priest. He is the Lamb, bearing scars and wounds, being slain…yet with 7 (total righteousness) horns of power and 7 eyes of complete knowledge and wisdom…and the 7 spirits of the Holy Spirit who He sent on duty into the earth!

And the Lamb took the scroll from the hand of the One on the throne! And everyone in heaven, innumerable numbers, bowed down and praised Him…saying…
Worthy and deserving are you to take the scroll because You purchased all people for God with Your life blood. You made them a kingdom of royal subjects and priests to God, they will reign on earth. You are worthy of all power, wisdom, riches, might, glory, honor, blessing, and dominion forever! Amen!

Yeshua Jesus has fulfilled the Old Covenant. The New Testament says that He is now seated at the right hand of the Father. He is worthy to open the scroll to release the promises and inheritance to those who chose Him as Savior and High Priest before the Father. Pentecost has happened and the Holy Spirit is now doing ministry and duty in the earth. Heaven still has eyes everywhere on earth! Yeshua Jesus is about to open the 7 seals on the scroll and send rescuing warrior angles to His churches. His people! He has not left us alone and orphan! He never leaves or forsakes us! He will be with us through to victory!

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