Revelation 6: 1-2 The First Seal Opened

Now, the action really begins. First, let’s remember some main points that got us this far.
This is the revelation of Yeshua Jesus! All who read, hear, and listen will be blessed!
It begins with a summary of who Yeshau Jesus is and what He has done. Recall that He is the Alpha and Omega, at the beginning and the end. Yeshua the Son of God, was there at the beginning along with the Father and Holy Spirit. (Crossreferences: Genesis 1:26, Ephesians 1:4). Consider this, being omniscient, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, knew before they created the foundation of the world, all the work and sacrifice it would take to raise up a loyal, loving family of people…but they agreed in hope of their assured pleasure in the final victory and resulting loving family *(Revelation 4:11). Yeshua is coming back to earth to complete the end, and give us an idea of how He will do that is also in this book of Revelation.

Yeshua Jesus demonstrates His character and strengths in His appearance. We also see Him walking in the midst of His people, the churches. He is not walking in the midst of the nation of Israel. They had persecuted, rejected, and killed Him…as unbelievers. Yeshua Jesus has now opened the Door to righteousness in the presence of the Father for ALL people who will choose to believe in and follow Him. He has opened the opportunity for ALL to be God’s chosen people. And He is already walking in their midst and watching over them with many eyes.

We saw how Yeshua Jesus was found worthy to open the Covenant scroll because He had fulfilled the requirements of the Old Covenant. And now He is opening the first of seven seals.

The Amplified Bible note says that the seals can only be opened by the one who has authority. Yeshau Jesus is demonstrating His authority over creation. It is time for His ministry in earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! His name is above every name in heaven, the earth, and under the earth!

The opening of the first seal releases a rider on a white horse, who has a bow and wears a crown. Many theologians and graphic artists have pictured these horsemen as apocalyptic and evil looking. I do not agree. It is Yeshua Jesus who is releasing these horsemen, not Satan! These are the angelic forces of heaven sent to earth as the rescuing heroes, messengers, and warriors of righteousness…to assist and fight for all the followers of Yeshua Jesus!

This first rider is on a white horse. White is holy, righteous, and pure. What else is holy, righteous, and pure? The Truth! And Yeshua Jesus is the Truth! This rider is going forth conquering and to conquer deception with truth! Yeshau Jesus as Truth has already conquered over Satan, who is the great deceiver. He is also releasing heavenly forces to continue to conquer with truth. That is confirmed in tat this rider only carries a bow. Truth wins in peace, no in war, violence, strife, confusion, or destruction. Truth sets people free! Truth heals! It does not kill. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).

Hallelujah! The church age has started and Yeshua is seated at the right hand of the Father, in authority…and He has released heavenly armies to earth to assist His people against His and their enemy! Remember, at the beginning in Revelation 1:1, He told us these things were shortly or quickly going to begin? Yes, He had already sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and now He was releasing more heavenly armies to help and protect His own people!

I am so thankful! Yes, heavenly rider on the white horse, keep riding my way! I desire pure white Truth and His Word of Truth in my life! Battle away any deception that comes to attack me. Holy Spirit lead and guide me on that narrow Way of Truth and righteousness! Thank you Yeshua Jesus for opening that first seal and releasing that rider of Truth on the white horse!

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