Revelation 6: 5-6 The Third Seal Opened

Revelation 6: 5-6…the third seal is broken to release the black horse and the rider holding a pair of scales, a balance. A voice announces that it costs a day’s wages to buy one meal of wheat or a family meal of barley. This is economic collapse. But, the command is “do not damage the oil and the wine”. Traditionally, this has been interpreted as famine and death. But, let’s consider some additional thoughts….maybe from God’s perspective….

Again, it is Yeshua Jesus releasing His angelic forces. Why is He releasing this black general? Could it be that He is allowing the world systems to fail the world systems that people live in and live for and depend on? People no longer look to God as their Source and the priority of their hearts and lives. They are focused on the worldly riches and their own self sufficiency. What happens when their worldly systems fail? Where will they go for help?

Plus, Satan and His evil followers dominate and use these worldly systems to manipulate, control, and enslave people. They are the Pharaohs of the New World Order. Just as He did in Egypt, God will free His people and bring them to the Promised Land! But, the black plagues must come to accomplish this! And the Pharaohs may make things worse and react by requiring the laborers to get their own straw to make the required bricks!

But, God will make a way for His people! He commands “do not damage the oil and the wine”. His people are filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit and the wine of the blood of Yeshua Jesus. Our focus, dependence, and faith is in Yeshua Jesus and not on worldly systems. The rider on the black horse holds the balance to weigh the people in judgement. No more riding the fence or hypocrisy. The scale reveals the truth. Those who are His people, like His people living in Goshen during the plagues in Egypt, will be protected from the plagues, even while living through them!

Remember, the writing on the wall wen God judged a wicked king?
Daniel 5:27, “you have been weighed on the scales of righteousness and found deficient”.
Psalm 62″ 9, “Men of low degree are only a breath (emptiness), and men of high rank are a lie (delusion), in the balances they go up because they have no weight or measurable value. They are together lighter than a breath.”

We must determine now where we stand. We must be sure to be standing with Yeshua Jesus and focused on His in order to be prepared for economic collapse…when worldly systems fail. Are you prepared?

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