Revelation 6: 12-17 The 6th Seal is Opened

Revelation 6: 12-17…The 6th Seal is Opened.

The opening of the 6th seal is a huge transition! No Christian who knows the Word o God will miss this sign! Verse 16-17 tell us that even the ungodly know this is from God and not man-made!

This event includes a great earthquake, the sun going dark, the moon turning blood red, many stars falling from heaven, the sky separating from the land and rolling up like a scroll, and every mountain and island moved out of its place! What could cause such global catastrophe? Have you ever read about what happens during a polar shift? Sound about the same as described here. Can you even imagine?

It may not be important to know what causes this, but rather to know God prophesies it, so it will happen. My thought is Planet X. I have listened to a Christian astronomer named Gill Broussard on YouTube and looked at His charts on His web site. He seems to have scriptural facts that make me not so quick to dismiss Him as conspiracy theory or false teacher. You can check him online for yourself. Be aware, his estimate for the time this planet will pass by earth is Spring 2021! There are other astronomers who are of the same opinion. Y9ou decide who you believe.

Then, notice in verse 15, that the kings, great men, military commanders, wealthy, and strong people hide themselves in caves and mountain rocks. Have you heard about the expansive network of underground bunkers, shelters, and transportation systems, create by the elite and and for the elite, in America and around the world? Have you heard about the international seed bank to keep and protect seeds in the case of global disaster? Why does the Catholic Church have a powerful telescopic observatory named Lucifer at the Vatican? Do you believe it is all just conspiracy theory”? Why would they want to hide and discredit this information? Could it be because people in panic are hard to control?

I do know for sure that my thoughts are correct about how and when this 6th seal is opened, but I do know it will happen, because God says it will happen! What if it does happen in our lifetime? Are we prepared…first spiritually, then also emotionally and physically?

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