Revelation 8: 1-2 The Seventh Seal Opened

Revelation 8: 1-2 The seventh seal opened. The number 7 signifies a righteous full completion. Recall, God completed His perfect creation and then rested in 7 days. This is the completion of the “church age”. The people of the church age are either already in heaven or He has marked and sealed them for protection of what is coming. Big change and big events coming….

Verse 1, Amplified version “there was silence in heaven for about half and hour in awe of God’s impending judgement.”

This is very serious!

Luke 2: 4-5, Yeshua teaches, “I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have nothing more that they con do. But, I will point out to you whom you should fear: fear the One, who after He has killed, has authority and power to hurl you into hell, yes, I say to you, stand in great awe of God and fear Him!”

The trumpets are about to announce final warning to those who are currently His enemies in the earth. They will see and experience God’s judgement on evil. His desire is that it causes them to separate from evil and go to Him for help! Just like in Nineveh, He has also sent them prophets to exhort and encourage the people to truly repent and change to follow Yeshua Jesus. Those thigs released at the alarming sound of the trumpets should be very persuasive!

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