Revelation 8: 6-13 Trumpet Warnings

Revelation 8: 6-13. The 7 angels come forward to sound their trumpet warnings.

The first angel sounds the trumpet and red fiery hail storms down on earth. This sounds to me like falling meteors. Did you know that today about 6100 meteors fall to earth every year? Until now, the vast majority have fallen in uninhabited areas. So, being unreported by media, they do not cause alarm. What if they began to fall where they started huge fires! Might they already be causing the recent vast fires in the western United States and Australia? The fiery hail from this first trumpet burns up a third of the trees and green grass on the globe. While alarming, this could be scattered in various places, and therefore not terribly concerning for some people.

The second trumpet triggers something like a fiery mountain falling into the sea. This is not multiple hits like meteors, but one single huge “rock”. It should get a lot of attention! Can you imagine the tsunamis it would cause? Verse 9 says that a third of the ships are destroyed. Curious fact, one third of global shipping goes through the South China Sea. I am not saying it will be there, but it shows one huge rock in the sea can damage one third of ships and sea creatures. This will be a localized event, but with global consequences. A third of the sea turns blood red and a third of the sea creatures die. Have you ever heard of red tide in the oceans? They are red algal blooms that grow following massive storms that cause upwelling of nutrients from the sea floor. These microorganisms are toxic and harmful to sea life. This fiery mountain could cause red tide in a third of the globe’s oceans and beaches. Many shoreline will not be pleasant for entertainment and tourism anymore, but rather stink of decay.

The third trumpet sounds and a great burning star falls from heaven. This sounds even more immense, like an asteroid, which is immensely rare. It makes a third of the world’s fresh water and rivers toxic like wormwood, which affects the nervous system. did you know that the Great Lakes hold 21% of the world’s fresh water, not to mention the fresh water rivers connected to them? Or that Russia has 20% of the worlds fresh water? This could also be a localized judgement, but again affecting the whole world. Many people will die from drinking the water after this judgement.

The fourth trumpet sounds and a third of the light becomes dark…the sun is darkened a third, the moon darkened a third, the stars darkened a third. Something has come into our sky that partially blocks out the sun at day and the moon and star at night. This is not a normal eclipse. Could it be Planet X coming between us and the sun and moon causing partial eclipses? Do you have a better explanation?

In verse 13, we see God giving a break in the action, an opportunity for repentance. He sends a special verbal warning over all the earth, before sounding any more trumpet warnings. This is going to get even more intense.

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