Revelation 9: 1-6 The 5th Trumpet Sounds

Revelation 9: 1-6…the 5th trumpet sounds…the messenger has warned everyone globally that worst judgements/woes are coming. This is a grace waning to promote repentance.

The 5th trumpet brings a big change! Remember this same pattern in the opening of the seals? seals 1-4 released the 4 horseback riders, then the 5th seal reveals the martyrs in heaven. Similarly, trumpets 1-4 result in localized judgements limited to one third of the world, then the 5th trumpet brings a big change. Both change at number 5.

In Hebrew thought, the number 5 signifies grace, saving, and rescue. By God’s grace through Yeshua Jesus, the martyrs were saved and rescued into heave4n at the point of death. In this 5th trumpet, the destruction becomes more individualized. It only affects those who are not His people, those not sealed and marked by the Holy Spirit! The hope is that hose affected will cry out to God for rescue and salvation!

I think the 5th trumpet warns of the release of a warrior army of demons to the earth. Those who are still rejecting Yeshua Jesus, remaining in rebellion and unbelief, and choosing the wickedness of the world, will now experience what living under Satan’s rule is really like! They will experience it for 5 months, the grace time appointed for the opportunity to turn to God. They cannot get relief through death. Their only relief possible is through repentance and receiving God’s mark of salvation through Yeshua Jesus and being sealed by the Holy Spirit.

A fallen angelic being who fell from heaven to earth (Satan as described in Isaiah 14: 12-15), has been given the key to the bottomless pit and releases his demonic hordes. This dark multitude looks like smoke rising and locusts covering the earth in a great plague! It removes light from the earth and the atmosphere is darkened….the evil can be see and felt.

These demons can only hurt and torture the unsaved people who are not under God’s grace and protection. Their torment is the same as the symptoms of a scorpion sting. I have learned that the symptoms of the scorpion sting are the same as the symptoms of fear, anxiety, and terror…only also including pain in the area of the sting. They are pounding heart, hyperventilation, sweating, dizziness, headache, stomach upset, tension, trembling or muscle tension or twitching, trouble concentrating, being weak and tired. Likely, the demon will attack a person in the area of their main weakness, making that area more painful and tormenting. If we can imagine how horrible the terror and temptation of Satan is now, imagine that multiplied immensely! People will want to die for relief, but cannot. I pray many will call on the name of Yeshua Jesus!

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