Revelation 9: 7-12 Describing Demons of the 5th Trumpet

Revelation 9: 7-12…describing the demonic forces of the 5th trumpet….

Do you recall that the appearance of Yeshua Jesus and God on the throne were described using “something like” similarities? Yeshua Jesus standing before the throne of God was called the Lamb, but not actually a lamb. We have the same thing happening here in describing the demons after the 5th trumpet. Notice these worlds in every verse…”like” and “resembled”. Why would the Hebrew disciple Joh, see and use these similarities in this description of demons?

Locusts…a missive infestation that eats every living thing.
Battle equipped warrior horses…a warring invasion of great strength and speed.
Head wearing something like crowns…they exalt themselves, but they are not really worthy of gold crowns or leadership.
Faces resemble humans, but they are not human.
Hair like a woman… 1 Corinthians 11: 15, it says a woman’s long hair is her crown of glory and splendor, and given to her as her covering. These demons can manifest as splendorous, glorious, beautiful, and part of God’s covering, but they lie and deceive…they are not.
Teeth like lions…in 1 Peter 5:8, we read how Satan prowls about seeking whom he may devour.
Breastplates of iron…iron is a symbol of a hard, strong substance…lie, the Roman forces…and in Revelation 19:15 when Yeshua returns to rule with an iron rod.
The thunderous noise of countless chariots going to battle…a really loud, threatening, and overcoming sound.
Like scorpions with stinging tails to torment for 5 months…with the same symptoms of fear, terror, panic, and anxiety, but with extra burning and inflammation at the weak point of the sting.

And verse 11 reinforces verse 1, that Satan is the king and ruler over these demons. He comes from hell, the bottomless pit. In Hebrew, e is called Abaddon meaning destruction. In Greek, e is call Apollyon meaning destroyer king.

I just want to shout to those miserable tortured people….”People, open your eyes! Who do you serve? Who do you follow? He might look good, but is really out to torture and destroy you! Change kings! Do not be deceived any longer! Yeshua Jesus saves! Call out to Him! Accept His grace gift of restored relationship with Creator Father God through Yeshua Jesus!

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