Revelation 9: 13-19 The 6th Trumpet

Revelation 9: 13-19…the 6th trumpet sounds. Remember that the number 6 represents man…examples like being created on the 5th day and the number of the antichrist beast being 666. So, man is being fully released to kill man. The guardian and righteous warrior angelic forces at the Euphrates River are being removed because man has chosen to be removed from God.

It starts by the command coming from the voice behind the 4 horns of the gold alter before God. These 4 horns represent poser and strength over the 4 corners of the world…the whole earth. God has and is that power and authority. He has been holding back global destruction by man’s war. Now, He is releasing the angelic guards from their posts at the Euphrates River.

In Genesis 15: 18. we see that God promised Abraham the land between the Nile River and Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Euphrates River in the east. The Euphrates River runs through today’s countries of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq with Iran just east of Iraq, and these countries now are allies of Russia. I can see that if God removes his warrior angels forces over those 4 countries, then they would become dominated by evil with intention to kill Israel. There are millions of Muslims ready for such a war. In Ezekiel 38, we can read about Ezekiel’s prophesy of a last days invasion of Israel. This 6th trumpet could be that event! They are released to kill one third of mankind and they do kill only one third of mankind. They do not blow up the whole world with nuclear bombs.

The description of these warring forces gives us hints at who they are and how they kill. I can easily interpret Revelation 9: 18-19 of horses with smoke and fire from their heads, which have tail like serpents to harm and kill, with today’s military weapons. Men then rode horses into battle. Today, men ride tanks, planes, and helicopters into battle….which shoot out smoke, fire, and brimstone from their mouths and tails.

The symbols of this warring force are horses and lions, with colors of red, blue, and yellow (gold). These are also the colors of a hot brimstone fire! These people are from hell! Also, of great interest to me, is that these are the same 2 figures and 3 colors on the emblem and shield of the Rothschild dynasty. Just search “Rothschild shield” online and you will see. It is also significant to me that TBN, the Christian Trinity Broadcasting network, and many flags of England have similar emblems, shields, and flags.

The Rothschild dynasty has been gaining power and wealth through banking and political influence for centuries….beginning back at the destruction of Jerusalem and scattering of the Jews to all nations. Remember that in Revelation 1, Yeshua Jesus told John these things would shortly commence? Satan has been growing and nurturing this beast out of sight, hidden under the sea for centuries in secrecy. Only recently has it risen out of the sea into public view.

In case you have not read the beginning of this Revelation study….the Rothschilds roots are northeast of Israel, from a Turkic people in the occupation of international trade, who converted to Judaism for economic and political gain only. They learned mystic Jewish Babylonian religion from the Jewish religious leaders who fled to their tribal nation. At the point of war, many migrated north into Eastern Europe, the Rothschilds into German. There, the patriarch gained in wealth and power through his political connections. The 5 Rothschild brothers went out to establish banks on different prominent European countries…thus, the beginning of the international bank. Through the manipulations of war and revolutions, they could win financially with whoever won the war.

I believe this dynasty and its branches are behind the United Nations, in every country, and has leaders in every area of organizational human existence. They have structured their leadership in many organizations including the Illuminati and Freemasonry. I also believe this war described here in the 6th trumpet and in Ezekiel 38 is their plan and implementation in establishing the New World Order. They are secretive. They are deceptive. They put out a good looking front organization or man, and plot evil in reality. They are antichrist. They claim to be Jews, but are not (Revelation 2: 9, 3:9). They desire to kill more than one third of mankind, but we have already noted that God only allows one third. Remember the goals of the Georgia Guidestones, and the Untied Nations Agenda 21? This is not conspiracy theory. It is real. We have a real enemy in Satan and he has human and demonic forces working for him and serving him.

Again, wake up anyone who says there is no God or those who live under Satan! Who do you serve? Serving yourself is also not an option. Repent and turn to the only begotten Son of God, Son of Man, given by grace and love to save, redeem, and deliver all who will choose and follow Him! Flee from evil! Cling to Yeshua Jesus!

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life and that more abundantly” John 3:16

“The thief (Satan, the enemy) comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” John 10:10

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