My End Time Thoughts

Revelation and my end time thoughts….after Yeshua Jesus ascended into heaven, He presented Himself as the sacrificial Savior of mankind and then sat at the right hand of Father God. He was worthy to open the covenant scroll as the promised Messiah, Son of God and Son of Man. He released 4 angelic generals to lead heavenly powers and principalities to assist His followers during this new church age. Yeshua had prophesied times of deception, war, poverty, pestilence, and death for those who had not chosen Life in Him. Yeshua had also prophesied about persecution and martyrdom. At the 5th seal, He reveals that these martyrs do not die, but rather live eternally in joy with Him.

The 6th seal brings a huge change by a catastrophic earthly event. I believe it is Planet X passing by as it enters our solar system to orbit the sun. It is estimated that it will take 5 months to circle around the sun and then affect the earth again on its way out. But before it can occur, God marks and seals those chosen witnesses who will represent and testify of Him during the great tribulation. The world tries to hide for protection. They know this is judgement from God and not man-made.

The 7th seal bring us back to events in heaven. It begins with reverential awesome silence. It is judgement time with warnings of trumpets. The first four trumpets alarm the world by each affecting 1/3 of the earth, likely localized events. In the 5th trumpet, things change and become directed to unsaved people. Those under Satan’s rule begin to experience the terror and torment of his demons….for 5 months (the same amount of time between the arrival and departure of Planet X.)

This 6th trumpet brings war, likely the last day war of God and Magog against Israel. It is backed politically and financially by the New World Order. One third of mankind dies in the war. The New Word Order seen this war as a way to be rid of religious Muslims, Christian, and Judaism (all are religions believing in one one true god, not accepting multiple option, and all claiming links to Abraham). It is also propagated by those who claim to be Jews, but are not chosen people of God. This includes atheistic Zionists. In Ezekiel, we see that God intervenes and gives the victory to Israel to testify that the God of Israel is still alive and in authority over the earth.

God in His mercy has been revealing to everyone in the world concerning the destructiveness of sin, evil, and following Satan. His witnesses have been testifying of Yeshua Jesus as Savior and Lord as provided by Father Creator! But, they will not repent of their theft, murder, sorceries, intoxications, and immorality, especially sexual immorality.

After the war, the world focus has come to Israel. God is faithful to His Word and again reaches out to the descendants of Abraham, as He promised Will they measure up? AS of old, He will send 2 prophets to testify of Him and preach repentance and return to the Lord, only now through Yeshua Jesus as their promised Messiah

Can you see how all of this is coming to pass in our time?

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