Revelation 10: 1-11 An Angelic Messenger and 7 Thunders

Revelation 10: 1-11…it begins with a mighty angel. It seems to me that this angelic messenger is Michael, the archangel who guards the descendants of Abraham in the Promised Land. Daniel 12: 1-4 gives us more insight into this. Daniel tells about how Michael will rise up at this end time of greatest distress. Daniel tells about the names of the rescued being in the Lamb’s Book of Life and how the spiritually wise will shine brightly and bring many to righteousness in the Lamb. Here in Revelation, Michael’s appearance reminds the Hebrews of how God has saved them in their past as well as worked through the patriarchs, as well as the prophecies of their coming Messiah. This great angelic prince Michael is holding a little covenant scroll/book and standing over that land promised to Abraham and his descendants. Michael shouts with a loud voice, like a lion, representing the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, to command attention and inspire awe!

Then, the 7 peals of thunder speak their own distinct message. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s voice thunders with authority, strength, and power. And who is the voice of God? Who convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgement? John 16:8. And who is before the throne of God? Revelation 4:5, “And from the throne proceeded lightenings, thunderings, and voices. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.” the number seven speaks to the perfect Word of God! Hear He thunders and commands attention and inspires awe!

In verse 4, the words of the 7 thunders are sealed up and John is instructed to not write them down. And so they are sealed, therefore there is no way to know what they said or to speculate until God decides to reveal it.

Then, in verse 5, Michale raises his hands to proclaim an oath in the name of God the Creator that there will be no more delay…when the 7th trumpet sounds then God’s hidden plan and purpose will be finished, just as He spoke through His prophets.

Revelation 10: 9-11…John is told to eat the little book/scroll and he does. It is sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his stomach. It seems to met his little book is God’s covenant with Abraham to give the Promised Land to him and his descendants. It began as pleasant and satisfying, the land of milk and honey. God was faithful to His covenant, but Abraham’s descendants were not. They left God for pagan gods and worldly pleasures and riches many times along the way. AS a result of their sin and separation from God, they lost their land again in 70AD and were scattered across the earth. They and the land became bitter and full of turmoil.

But verse 11 gives hope. John is told he must now prophesy again, concerning many people, nations, languages, and kings. I wonder if that reminded John of the day Yeshua ascended into heaven and gave the great commission to go into all the world with the gospel/good news of salvation through faith in Yeshua Jesus, the Seed of Abraham who blesses all notions, as many as the star in the heavens. John will continue t prophesy and evangelize, especially to his Jewish broths and sisters scattered into all nations! This book of Revelation written by John is one more last effort to reach the descendants of Abraham, what are scattered in all nations.

There are other interpretations and views of this chapter. This is how I see it today. You should ask the Holy Spirit to show you the Truth of it and give you more revelation of its significance and meaning.

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