Revelation 10: 1-2…God Extends More Grace

Revelation 10: 1-2…God Extends More Grace…
God has been extending His grace to people of all nations by giving them opportunity to see the consequences and truth of sin so that they repent and turn to Yeshua Jesus as Savior and Lord. Most are stubborn and hard hearted and refuse to repent.

Now, we are getting close tot he 7th trumpet which will initiate the 7 bowls of wrath. These bowls of wrath will be God’s final judgement of wickedness and evil. The Old Testament prophets called this the Lord’s Day, the Day of Atonement, the Day of Judgement. This follow the pattern of the holy appointed feasts of God. Trumpets blow months before the Feast of Trumpets to remind people to live following God and His righteousness and repent of sin…because the Day of Atonement is coming. Here in Revelation, we have read about the trumpet warnings also. Then, 10 days before the Day of Atonement (Day of Judgement), are the Days of Awe or last days of grace when repentance is getting urgent! Finally, comes the Day of Atonement for sin. If you did not repent and receive God’s forgiveness and atoning covering, then YOU must atone for your own sin. Revelation 10 is offering another chance of repentance during those very last end time Days of Awe.

I believe that Revelation 10 is especially significant as God offering another last days chance to the descendants of Abraham. The messenger is holding a little scroll. This could be the smaller covenant God made with Abraham to give him the land between the Mediterranean Sea nd the Euphrates River. Notice in verse 2, that this angelic messenger has one foot on the sea and the other on the land. I believe that means he is standing over the promised Land from the Mediterranean Sea up to the land along the Euphrates River. I am also thinking this messenger is Michael as described in Daniel 12, who stands guard over God’s people, and rises up at the end time.

Also, notice the other symbols of prophetic significance to Israel….the messenger is clothed in a cloud which is prophetic of their Messiah coming in the clouds; he has a rainbow over his head as God’s covenant sign to Noah; his face shines like the sun which is how Moses face shown after meeting with God; and his legs are like pillars of fire which reminds me of God’s destruction of wickedness in Sodom and Gomorrah while saving Lot; plus, remember God guiding the children of Israel in the wilderness by the cloud and pillar of fire!

Thus, we find the little book/scroll in Revelation 10:2. Abraham had a 2 fold covenant with God. His first covenant asked him to leave his people and country and God would give him the promised land. In a later and much larger covenant, Abraham was also promised that in his Seed all the nations would be saved and blessed. This larger covenant of Yeshua Jesus has been fulfilled and we saw in Revelation 5 that Yeshua Jesus was worthy to open that large covenant scroll. Later in verses 8-11, we will see that John, who is a Jew and a descendant of Abraham, plus a saved believer in Yeshua Jesus the Messiah, is told to eat the little scroll…to receive it, partake in it, and internalize it.

Remember that at the 6th trumpet, it seems Israel has been invaded by a warring army. Yet, if this is the last time war of the God and Magog invasion of Israel, we can also read at the end of Ezekiel 38, that God comes to their rescue and saves Israel. It should be a great witness to Israel that the God of their Covenant still lives and still cares! He is faithful to His promise to give them the land, but are they faithful to Him? This victory at the hand of God is to bring them to remembrance of Him and their covenant. Will they return to Him?

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