Revelation 11: 1-2 Measuring Up

Revelation 11: 1-2….God has been faithful to His covenant with Abraham to bless his descendants, even when they strayed and did not remain faithful to Him. God uses prophets to call people back to Himself through repentance and forgiveness. This is God’s pattern of truth and righteousness. We see it all through the Old Testament, true Jews will know this history and work of God.

At the end of Revelation 10, we read how God called Joh, a Jewish Christian, to prophecy again, but now to all people in all nations, including kings, with Israel being the focus. So, in chapter 11, we see some of the this prophecy concerning Israel, but also for the nations. There are repeat patterns ad message of the Old Testament prophets.

Chapter 11 begins with measuring the temple, alter, and worshipers in Jerusalem. The first place we see this is in Exodus where Moses is given exact instructions and measurements for the Tabernacle of God’s presence. The Israelites in the wilderness have been stubborn and rebellious, complaining that they miss the pleasures of Egypt (the world), even going back to worshipping pagan gods by making a golden calf! When they reap the horrible deadly consequences of their sin, they say they repent. But, God test them by seeing if they will build the Tabernacle of His presence and its furnishings as well as the garments of the priests and the procedures of worship, exactly as He says.

We see the same detailed measuring with Ezekiel, the prophet, in Ezekiel 40-42. The Israelites have again strayed from God and are again worshipping pagan gods and pursuing worldly pleasures including immorality. As a result, they have become captives in Babylon. God needs to measure them up to see if they are willing and ready for repentance and deliverance. will they leave Babylon and be committed to rebuild the temple to detail that they might live in the presence of God?

But, Ezekiel is also prophesying about this same situation with Abraham’s descendants in the future. Remember, we just read about the last days was in Ezekiel 38-39. Ezekiel 30: 25-29 are the popular verses about God bringing the Israelites back to their land in the last days, offering them mercy, and making Himself known to them by giving them victory over their enemies.

Here in Revelation 11, we see this same pattern of prophesy, offering mercy and repentance, and testing (measuring up). Is this the fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophsy? I believe it is. God is consistent and faithful to His Word. The Israelites are now in their land again and He has given them victory in the war against God and Magog at the 6th trumpet. And now He has provided this intermission of mercy and grace. It is time to measure the temple (presence of God in people” hearts and minds) in Jerusalem.

In verse 2, He says to leave out the outer court. This outer court was originally for a welcome area for Gentiles, as an area to reach out to them that they might also come to know the One Tre God and be circumcised into Judaism. Yeshua Jesus became angered when religion turned it into a marketplace instead of a house of prayer. That should speak to the “Christian” marketplace today!

But, the Gentiles a this end time are the hard hearted, wicked, unrepentant followers of Satan. They have taken over the outer court. And not only the outer court, but the whole city of Jerusalem! Verse 2, “And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months (3 1/2 year).” But, that is not the end of matters….God is sending two witnesses/prophets to Jerusalem to battle the enemy with the fiery prophetic words of their mouth!

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