Revelation 12: 7-17 Satan convicted of evil.

The Judge is on His throne and court is in session. The truth is being presented. The evidence is being presented. Satan is convicted of His evil warring against God and His angels and found guilty. He is no longer worthy to stand in the presence of the Holy Judge, and therefore cast out. Satan no longer has the right to come before the Judge’s throne to accuse His people because Yeshua Jesus has paid the death penalty of sin as their Savior and Advocate. Now, Yeshua’s salvation, strength, power, and overcoming kingdom have come before the righteous Judge’s throne. Heaven is rejoicing His victory. Satan is now limited to earth to create havoc.

After Yeshua Jesus ascended to heaven in His victory, Satan begins to persecute the Jews who made the way for Yeshua’s birth and ministry. He spews out a flood to kill them, but the earth swallows up his flood by opening up to consume it. People run to the wilderness for safety.

This sounds to me like the persecution and martyrdom of Jews and Christians from 33AD to 70AD. Then in 70AD, Jerusalem is burned and destroyed with millions killed (the flood of evil). But, many Christians escaped because they had heard the prophecy of Yeshua Jesus from Matthew 24 taught by His disciples. They recognized what was happening and did not go into their houses to pack, but fled immediately. Christians and fleeing Jews were scattered into the wilderness of the world. These people were under God’s protection.

Satan then turns His main attention to persecution and war with the “born again” children of God (Jew and Gentile), those who have the testimony of Yeshua Jesus and keep His commandments. We still have an enemy!

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