Revelation 13 Emerging Global Governmental System

Revelation 13: 1-10 Read and think about this description of this last day antichrist global governing beast system in Revelation 13. Does it sound like the proposed New World Order to you? Can you see it rising up publicly and openly now? Can you see how it is persuading people that it is a good peaceful and secure thing? It proclaims peace and security when there is none…just as prophesied.

This is how Revelation 13 describes this last days government….
Its goal is to be a GLOBAL power and authority.

It does not believe in Yeshua Jesus and is actually antichrist (Christ in Greek actually means the Anointed One, so antichrist mans against or instead of Yeshua the Anointed One of God). Many New World Order advocates are atheist and humanist (man is god for himself), but most of the upper levels of leadership, power, and authority are religiously and openly satanic.

No one can war with them. First, because they hold all the military power and wealth. Second, because they operate in deception to convince people with charismatic speech that what they are doing is good, when it is truly evil.

The speakers of the New World Order sound confident, educated, and make great promises to incite hope and a following, but they are actually arrogant and blasphemous, even to speaking abusive and slanderous words against God and His people.

What can we expect from this horrific beast system? It will do whatever it wants to do. The world, every tribe, people, language, and nation will have handed over their freedoms and given them authority to do as they please. Those who are not written in the Lamb’s book of Life will actually be worshipping this new system and its leaders. They will view God’s people as the enemy and persecute them. They will try to shut Christians down. Anything spoken against them will be considered “hate speech”.

What does God tell us in order to prepare us for this? He says that they are captives of Satan and therefore destined to captivity. He says that those who kill by the sword will die by the sword according to His justice. So He says, our response to these difficult times should be to trust Him in faithfulness and patient endurance. He says…do you hear what I am saying

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