Revelation 13 The Beast out of the Sea Pattern

We have seen how this last days antichrist beast system is rising up today and being promoted as a better New World Order for the whole globe! Satan has been building connections and systems globally in international organizations, governments, politics, economics, business, banking, trade, education, religion, propagation of humanistic atheistic worldview, media, entertainment, and every other kind of human organization. I believe Satan thinks that he has enough power, strength, and authority set up on earth that he is confident to rise his beast system out of the sea, no longer in secret hiding. Plus, the Word says he knows his time is short.

Satan has used this same evil deceptive pattern before, only this time it is actually GLOBAL dominance! We can think of other pagan kingdoms whose goal was for the power and wealth of the world. Daniel interpreted the king’s statue dream as representing the huge kingdom of Babylon and the huge kingdoms/empires to come of Medo Persia, Greece, and Rome, and the final 10 toe kingdom (remember that this beast in Revelation has 10 horns with crowns). Plus, Daniel’s vision of beasts representing these kingdoms was of the lion, bear, leopard, and a horrifying beast that trampled everything. These were ancient antichrist kingdoms at Daniel’s time and later that affected the Jews. They are governmental empires. This Revelation beast is a global governmental system of dictatorship.

This was happening even before Daniel’s time. What about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel? Recall, that earlier, the Jews were under slavery to the Egyptian Empire. History reveals that there have been other dominating kingdoms in the earth…like the Ottoman Empire, the Ming Dynasty, the Aztec Empire, and the British Empire….to name a few. In more recent history, we know about the Nazi German Empire and also about the nations allied in promoting Communism and atheism. They had the same antichrist governance by trampling and military attack to usurp control, power, and wealth over other nations, tribes, and peoples. This force was combined with persuasive positive speech with promises of health, compassion, peace, security, and prosperity for the ruling empire and all who submit to their authority and bow down. Satan uses this same pattern of deception, manipulation, and force on smaller levels as well. Any organization can have these types of hypocritical false leaders, including calling themselves Christian or charity. Some are recognized as “cults”. But, a business could even be deceptive, manipulative, and forceful. When we find these tactics in the head of a family, we call it abuse!

Beware of who you believe and who you follow. A wicked antichrist leader can sound very charismatic and appealing. They can preach and teach one way, but live another. They will be “nice” until you disagree with them. Take a closer look. What does the fruit of their life look, like? Do they have a true servant’s heart and speak like a good shepherd or a good parent? Are their lives focused on worldly gain for self or by following Yeshua Jesus by giving of self? Religious hypocrites are not a new thing. Pagan deception is not a new thing. Yeshua Jesus has warned us many times. The Word says it is possible that even God’s elect can be fooled!

Open your eyes and ears. Be wise! Know Truth! Live in righteousness to the best of your efforts. Love the Lord, Yeshua Jesus, and follow Him. The antichrist kingdom threatens, but we know that Yeshua Jesus has more strength, power, and authority …and the final victory is His!

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