Revelation 14: 1-5 Testimony of Pure Honest Witnesses

We are still before the throne of the Judge. The true evidence has been presented concerning the guilt of the fiery dragon serpent Satan, the worldly sea beast who tramples all to gain power and wealth over the earth, and the land beast who directs everyone to worship the world beast through religion and deceptive convincing humanism. During John’s generation, Rome was the beast out of the sea and the Holy Roman Catholic Church, as well as Rabbinical Judaism, was the 2 horned beast out of the Land. Do you recognize the sea and land beasts operating in our world today?

Here in Revelation 14, God’s true witnesses come before the Judge’s throne to present their evidence. They are pure, honest, and undefiled. They are devoted to God in all of their life! He has marked and sealed them as His own. They continually stand with the Savior, who is also their Advocate, in the place of universal governmental authority on Mount Zion. Their testimony is a song of salvation a song of the new covenant through Yeshua Jesus,. Only those saved know this song. It is loud like rushing waters, dramatic and powerful like thunder, yet full of magnificent praise and worship of many harpists! The whole, complete number of these who were purchased and redeemed by Yeshua sing in harmony…144,000 ( 12 x 12 x 1000 meaning the complete tribes of the Old Covenant and the complete tribes of the New Covenant multiplied by thousands! Their testimony is true. They do not lie.

Some people interpret this as a literal 144,000 virgin converted Jewish born men in Israel, standing on Mount Zion. but then, do they also think they are standing there with a lamb? Something to think about…does it fit the rest of this portion of scripture? Give it some thought and prayer

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