Revelation – A Look Back

In order to get a big picture of where we are at…let’s look back to where we have been.
The Book of Revelation begins with describing and revealing Yeshua Jesus standing in the midst of His people.
Yeshua Jesus gives messages to His 7 churches that will apply to everyone to keep them in righteousness “right character and right doing” for the whole of the church age.
Yeshua Jesus as the sacrificial lamb is before the throne of Creator Father as Savior of all humans in the world and then seated at His right hand.
Yeshua Jesus begins the church age with the opening of the seals of the covenant scroll. Only He is worthy to open the seals.
Yeshua Jesus releases heavenly forces to fight for His people and for righteousness in a fallen world…to fight deception, warfare, poverty and pestilence and death. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). The 5th seal reveals the persecution of God’s people by Satan and evil with resulting martyrs for Yeshua Jesus. Matthew 24:8 tells us that these things will begin shortly after Yeshua Jesus returns to heaven and then increase in intensity and frequency like childbirth.
The opening of the 6th seal is a major event that shakes the whole earth! Everyone tries to hide in caves and mountains for protection. I believe many will die in this global catastrophe. Christians will also die, but for them being absent from the body is being present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5: 6-8). This is the mercy of God in that being taken at this time in death will prevent them from the trials of the tribulation. We see these saints dressed in white robes of righteousness before the throne of God and singing His praises in Revelation 7:9. God in His wisdom knows who He has called and prepared to be His witnesses during the great tribulation.
BUT, before the catastrophe of the 6th seal is released on the earth, God marks and seals His full number of pure righteous witnesses called to participate in the harvest of the tribulation time.
The opening of the 7th seal brings an awesome and reverential silence to heaven. It is time for serious judgement and serious repentance with conversion of heart, mind, and actions on earth. It is to introduce the trumpets that warn of God’s judgement of evil.
Trumpets 1 through 4 sound with resulting consequences on earth with the opportunities for true repentance and turning to God for salvation. The 5th trumpet is more intense with spiritual implications of evil. If people want to live under the rule of Satan, then they now experience what it is really like to live under Satan unprotected by God. Then with the 6th trumpet, evil people are further stirred to warfare. Amazingly, people remain unrepentant. Even now, God still extends grace through the gospel message.
We then saw the focus move to Israel, specifically Jerusalem. God has His temple, His people who are descendants of Abraham, measured. The outer court of the Gentiles is not included for it has been left to the antichrist Gentiles. God sends two powerful witnesses to proclaim the truth of salvation through Yeshua Jesus, the true Messiah!
The 7th trumpet is the “last trumpet” which alarms of the final judgement coming.
The scene changes to heaven before the throne of God. He is in the heavenly court room seated on the Ark of the Covenant in His Holy of Holy place (Isaiah 3:13). He is the one true Judge of heaven and earth! The court of heaven is now in session. True evidence is now presented. It is presented in parable form so that all who play each part are included in the verdict. The truth of the gospel is presented concerning the fiery serpent dragon, Satan; the faithful woman who births a son; and the child Yeshua Jesus. The beast of the sea (out of the antichrist world) is revealed. The beast out of the land (with roots in the Promised Land) is revealed, especially in hypocritical religion and humanism. The testimony of the complete number of righteous, pure, and honest witnesses (144,000) is heard. We see the whore of Babylon riding on the worldly beast out of the sea in immorality, idolatry, and adultery.
The verdict is decreed against Satan and the followers of his antichrist spirit and workers of evil.
The blessing and salvation is decreed over followers and laborers of Yeshua Jesus.
We are now to the point in Revelation where the judgements will now be carried out and implemented. But, in God’s grace, He will still give opportunity for repentance up until the very end.

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