Revelation 17 More on the Sea Beast

Revelation 17: 8-18 More on the Sea Beast…Let’s look at the description characteristics of the Beast from the Sea.

  1. He was, is not now, is about to come out of the dwelling place of demons, and will go into perdition (eternal damnation).
  2. The inhabitants on earth whose names are not in The Book of Life will be astonished to see him return to earth.
  3. The 7 heads of this beast represent 7 hills on which the woman sits. And these 7 heads/hills are 7 kings/rulers over kingdoms.
    4.Here is the riddle to solve….of those 7 kings….5 have fallen, 1 exists and now reigns, the 7th has not yet come, and when he does it is for a short time.
  4. The sea beast of verse 8 is an 8th king, and was actually one of the 7.
  5. This beast has 10 horns which represent 10 kings who have not received a kingdom yet, but will for a single hour receive authority being in common purpose with the beast, for the kings have given their power to the beast.
  6. This beast and its kings will wage war with Jesus Christ, but Jesus will win.
  7. Being we know the prostitute sits on the beast, in verse 15, we see that the sea beast is many waters of multitudes of people from many nations and languages. It is a global antichrist beast.
  8. The 10 horn kings hate the prostitute, so they turn on her to consume her in fire. Why do they hate the prostitute? Verse 16 says that the prostitute is the great city who dominates and controls the kings. They are willing to give their power and authority to the beast, but not be controlled by the prostitute.
    This can be very puzzling. Give it some meditation. I need some time for this too. What can we remember from the rest of the Bible/God’s Word that might help us with learning and revelation?

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