The 10 Horns, The 10 Toes, The Rock

What about the 10 horns and 10 toes?
The Roman Empire was the last empire of the statue dream before the 10 toes empire AND the last empire represented by the beast with 10 horns. How do we get from the Roman Empire to the final “10 king” global empire? This would be a good time to read all of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7. Use bookmarks, you will likely need to refer back to these chapters.
The Roman Empire eventually split into East and West in order to have capital stronghold cities in both regions. They were having trouble maintaining control of such a huge area. Remember how the king statue split into 2 legs?
The weakening of the Roman Empire was a process. At the time of the split, Emperor Constantine established the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire in Constantinople, naming it after himself. The Eastern Roman Empire maintained its rule of that region until 1453 when it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. The Western Roman Empire reigning over the Promised Land, fell much earlier, around 476AD.
Western Rome fell to the Barbarian Tribes of Europe. Guess what, there were 10 conquering tribal nations out of Europe. Could these be the 10 horn powers on the last beast in Daniel’s vision? Could these be the 10 toes on the king statue where some were iron strong and others clay weak? Here is a list of the 10 original tribal names of these Barbarian tribes and the nation currently in that area: Alemanni/Germany, Franks/France, Burgundians/Switzerland, Suevi/Portugal, Vandals/exterminated, Visigoths/Spain, Anglo-Saxons/England, Ostrogoths/exterminated, Lombards/Italy, and the Heruli/exterminated.
I believe these 10 European tribes are the 10 toes of the statue kingdoms and the 10 horns of this beast. Three of these tribes are exterminated. Daniel 7: 7-8 reveals that the unified kings of the Barbarian tribes begin with 10, but 3 are exterminated. And one new horn rises.
Who is the little horn that rises in the midst of the 7 remaining horns?
Back again to history. The power of the Holy Roman Catholic Church had been unified with the Western Roman Empire, having its base in Italy. Even after the Western Roman Empire government fell, it continued to have power and influence over people, as well as holding its accumulated wealth. The Holy Roman Catholic Church and the papacy increase its influence and power in Europe through religion. This religious system of the Dark Ages often worked secretly. It made agreements with political leaders and kings. And it exterminated anyone who came against them. Besides, if you crossed them, you certainly thought you were destined for eternity in hell.
Daniel 7 describes this one little horn that rises as having the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things. Could this little horn be the Pope (papacy) in his power and influence?
Daniel 7: 24-25, ” And as for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise; and another shall arise after them, and he shall be different from the former ones, and he shall subdue and put down three kings. And he shall speak words against the Most High God and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and think to change the time [of sacred feasts and holy days] and the law; and the saints shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.”
More history…..The Roman Emperor Constantine made covenant with the Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church so that their union would create greater power over all the people. Emperor Constantine made a show of conversion to Christianity and then decreed all citizens must also be Christians. This was not the same faith of the early Christian church. They combined pagan religious practices and early Catholic religious practices to create a new form of religious Catholic Christianity. They changed

  • the names of the months and days (now using the names of pagan gods and Roman Caesars as root words)
  • the seasonal religious holy celebrations (removing all of God’s appointed holy celebrations of the Old Testament, and taking pagan festival dates and images and applying them to scriptural events – for example Easter after the fertility goddess holy day to Ashtaroth to align with resurrection and new life in Jesus; and Christmas after the winder equinox pagan celebration to call it the birthday of Jesus, when He was more likely born during the Fall Holy Days of Trumpets or Day of Tabernacles in late September or early October.)
  • how to keep time (changing when to set the beginning and end of the year, as well as moving from a lunar time table to a solar time table).
    Read again Daniel 7:25. All these changes were so that it would be acceptable to both pagans and Catholic Christians. It allowed for tolerance and peace. The Catholic Church also adapted many pagan symbols as Christian symbols, for example the halo around the head of Christ or a saint, as well as their image of the sun. The sun god was a primary god of the pagan culture. This made it more acceptable for all citizens of Rome to become Catholic Christians.
    The Holy Roman Catholic Church through the papal system became powerful religiously, politically, economically, and militarily. Popes made boastful edicts that declared they have Papal Supremacy, Papal Infallibility and they took the position of Intercessor and Advocate for the people of God. All these titles rightly belong to Jesus Christ. The popes and their administrators were the only ones who could read, interpret, and speak God’s Word. This was the religious captivity of the Dark Ages.
    Their arrogance aligns with the term antichrist, meaning “instead of Christ”. Many early Protestant reformers identified the Pope as the “little horn” and the antichrist spoken of in the scriptures. For further research go to

  • Daniel 7:21 speaks of this little horn making war with the saints to prevail over them. The Protestant reformers saw multitudes in martyrdom for their faith in Christ and His Word alone, as well as also being martyrs for Christ themselves. The Holy Roman Catholic Church also sent their military crusaders to kill and conquer in the Middle East in order to possess Jerusalem and extend their power and influence, calling them “holy wars”.

  • The Rock
    Amazingly, the Protestant Reformation made up of the body of Christ, the saints of the Most High God, overcame the man made religion of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Remember the Rock that hit the 10 toes and crashed the empires statue? That Rock is Yeshua Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit working through His body of saints and His Word of Truth! The Protestant Reformation even influenced kings of the new European nations. In the 18th century, Napoleon and the kings of France determined to take back their power from the Holy Roman Catholic Church and fought against them, even imprisoning some popes. European kings began to remove the popes governmental authority and influence, relegating them to religious doctrinal matters. Some governments set up their own religion under the guise of Protestanism, for example the Church of England. The Protestant Reformation through the body of Christ became a mortal wound to the once immensely influential Universal Holy Roman Catholic Church. Yet, amazingly, the Catholic Church and the Pope are again in a place of pre-emimence, power, and even political influence in the world today!

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