Checklist of Last Day Sea Beast Descriptions Examined Again

Revelation 17: 8-18 Now that we have looked deeper, let’s look again at the description characteristics of the Beast from the Sea. Let’s see if it fits for a New World Order global government as allied with Zionist humanistic atheist Israel.

  1. He was, is not now, is about to come out of the dwelling place of demons, and will go into perdition (eternal damnation). John wrote this in 94AD. In 70AD, Jerusalem fell and all the people were scattered around the nations. At the time the angel spoke this to John, Israel was “not now”. Israel had been a nation in the Promised Land in the past. But when it came back out of Babylon, it had become corrupted. When it returns, it will come out of the dwelling place of demons (with demonic roots).
  2. The inhabitants on earth whose names are not in The Book of Life will be astonished to see him (sea beast kingdom) return to earth. People marvel and admire that this nation Israel and its people could come back with intentions to restore its ancient kingdom in its original land. But, it will be no surprise to those people who know God’s Word and prophecy. They know that Ezekiel’s dry bones come together and live again! (Ezekiel 37: 1-14)
  3. The 7 heads of this beast represent 7 hills on which the woman sits. Hills and mountains represent the high places of rulers and gods. And these 7 heads/hills are 7 kings/rulers over kingdoms. There have been 7 kingdoms ruling over the Promised Land, which all were pagan, and thus adulterous towards the one true God, yet in His Land.
    4.Here is the riddle to solve….of those 7 kings….5 have fallen, 1 exists and now reigns, the 7th has not yet come, and when he does it is for a short time. We discussed this in great detail, and it fits Israel and the Promised Land. Please refer to the previous message. Today’s Israel is the 7th king who rules over Israel for a short time since 1948. The 8th kingdom is the final antichrist kingdom.
  4. The sea beast of verse 8 is an 8th king, and was actually one of the 7. Again, adulterous antichrist Israel under the title of the global New World Order, was actually one of the 7 previous kingdoms.
  5. This beast has 10 horns which represent 10 kings who have not received a kingdom yet, but will for a single hour receive authority being in common purpose with the beast, for the kings have given their power to the beast. Both the beast of Daniel and the beast of Revelation are similar in that they have 10 horns of power who rule for a single hour/short time. The 10 horns (10 representing complete human global government) gives all their authority and power to the 8th global beast kingdom. Today, the United Nations has divided the globe into 10 regions.
  6. This beast and its kings will wage war with Jesus Christ, but Jesus will win. We have foreshadowing of this when God won over the Tower of Babel. We have foreshadowing in the dream where the Rock crushes the ancient kingdoms of the worldly king statue. We see that Jesus Christ overcomes adulterous religion through His body in the Reformation. Jesus is the Rock foundation of the church. Jesus Christ will also overcome this end time sea beast and become King.
  7. Being we know the prostitute sits on the beast, in verse 15, we see that the sea beast is many waters of multitudes of people from many nations and languages. It is a global antichrist beast. We also have an example in Israel becoming a nation again by drawing back people of many nations, tribes, and languages. We also know that a global New World Order would of necessity cover people of all nations, tribes, and languages.
  8. The 10 horn kings hate the prostitute, so they turn on her to consume her in fire. We have not come to this discussion yet. Give it some thought…..Why do they hate the prostitute? Verse 16 says that the prostitute is the great city who dominates and controls the kings. It appears that they are willing to give their power and authority to the beast, but not be controlled by the prostitute. If these leaders have been getting power and wealth by dangling “worldly carrots” and “worldly treasures” over the whore, they may be getting tired of it. If it is that the whore has some power over them due to her relationship with the beast, it may be they no longer want to be under her control. We will consider this whore in future lessons.
    God’s prophecy is true and accurate. He gives us prophecy so we will not be shocked or fearful when it happens. Knowing His wisdom also keeps us from making ignorant and foolish choices. He commands us to “watch and pray”. He also tells us that we should be aware and awake to the signs of His coming.
    Luke 21: 36, Amplified version, “Keep awake then and watch at all times [be discreet, attentive, and ready], praying that you may have the full strength and ability and be accounted worthy to escape all these things [taken together] that will take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.”
    Matthew 24: 32-35, Amplified version, “From the fig tree learn this lesson: as soon as its [k]young shoots become soft and tender and it puts out its leaves, you know [l]of a surety that summer is near. So also when you see these signs, all taken together, coming to pass, you may know of a surety that He is near, at the very doors. Truly I tell you, this generation (the whole multitude of people living at the same time, in a definite, given period) will not pass away till all these things taken together take place. Sky and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”

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