Revelation 1 – 17…Summery and Review

Chapter 1 begins with Yeshua Jesus coming to reveal Himself as Supreme God of Righteousness along with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He walks among and with His people, the true church.  He gives His church instructions concerning how to live and endure in Him during this church age.  He gives warnings of things that deceive and separate His people from Him.  He tells of rewards for those who repent of worldly ways and follow Him.
We then see Yeshua Jesus standing before the Father’s throne and presenting Himself as the sacrifice and payment for all people for the sin of the world.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father.   He is the only one found worthy to open the 7 seals for the scroll of the covenant.  With the opening of each of the first four seals, heavenly angelic armies are released to earth to help the saints in their warfare against Satan and his evil principalities. They will help the saints to overcome deceivers and deception, terrorism and war, imposing of poverty and the lack of resources, sickness and disease, including even the overcoming of death through the resurrection victory in Yeshua Jesus.  The opening of the 5th seal reveals the victory of the martyrs who now sing in the presence of God in heaven.  These angelic warriors enforce God’s law that what you sow, you reap.  Therefore, the evil doers will reap on themselves the destruction they imposed on others.
The 6th seal is a dynamic change!  There is catastrophe coming on all the earth.  But, God instructs the angels to hold back the catastrophic winds until He can seal all those who will be His witnesses during the coming time of tribulation.  Only then can the earth shake violently and the sky roll up.  Many try to hide in mountains, caves, under rocks, and underground.  multitudes die.  Those who were God’s people, but not called to the tribulation ministry are caught up in death into the presence of the Lord.  They stand around the throne and sing praises and thanksgiving to God for their salvation.  They no longer will experience all the trials and troubles in the world.
The 7th seal is opened and the tribulation trumpets are announced.  As each of the first 4 trumpets sound, one third of the earth is affected in the green trees and grass, the oceans and seas, the fresh water rivers and streams, and finally in the light of the sun and stars.  This along with the words of the witnesses is meant to get people’s attention and cause them to call out to God for help.  It also reveals what a fallen world is like without the goodness and protection of God.  The 5th trumpet brings something even worse.  It brings demons who torture unsaved people.  This also reveals the destiny of those who continue to choose to live in the kingdom of Satan.  The 6th trumpet announces the beginning of an immense war that kills one third of mankind.  This is the result of hate in the evil heart of man.
The same way God offered mercy before judgement in sealing His tribulation witnesses before the 6th seal; here before the 7th trumpet, He tells John a mystery in the thunders and has him eat the word of prophesy that John might speak it out to all people of all nations.  The Jewish synagogue is measured, but not the outer court of the Gentiles.  Two witnesses in the spirit and power of Elijah are sent to Jerusalem to preach Yeshua Jesus is the true promised Messiah.  They kill the two witnesses, but God resurrects them with life and they ascend to heaven, simultaneously there is a great earthquake destroying 1/10 of the city and 7000 people die.
After this gap of grace and mercy, the 7th trumpet sounds.  We see God in His heavenly temple on the ark of the covenant, judgement seat…with great power and glory!  The people have not repented and instead curse God.  The time of judgement has come.  The truth of the operations of evil in the world are presented before heaven’s court in parable form.  We are shown the antichrist spirit (dragon/Satan) and His operations through corrupt, evil, governmental, societal people and thier empires in the whole world (beast out of the sea); those people (the Whore of Babylon) who lie in adultery with the sea beast to gain worldly riches and fame, when their primary love should be for their loving Creator; those who promote the sea beast worldly agenda and are false prophets, teachers, and charismatic leaders… deceiving with humanism and counterfeit or corrupted religion (the beast out of the land).  While this has always been happening since the Garden of Eden, the final corrupted worldly kingdom will be on a global scale…the pervasiveness of the antichrist spirit globally in everything!  That is great tribulation!
I see it rising up in our generation.  We have the beginning of global atheistic humanistic charismatic governance in the United Nations.  We have a global acceptance of humanistic philosophy and worldview…tolerance of all morality and religious faith as relative.  This is done with encouragement to meld and experience all cultures.  We have political and religious leaders all coming to the Pope, and the effort to combine all religions by speaking of global love, peace, and charity.  They proclaim many acceptable ways to God and holiness.  They say Jesus is not the only way.  Anyone who does not agree with this mindset is a radical religious fanatic and therefore a “hate monger”.  Our worldview media and entertainment lifts up worldly riches, glamor, luxury, fame, and immorality as acceptable if it feels good and is what one wants.  Do you see the dragon, the whore, the sea beast, and the land beast  in our world today?  I do.  The time to repent and come to Jesus is now!  The opening of the 6th seal and the global catastrophe could happen any day.  Are you prepared?

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