The Lord’s Day

In the review, we saw in Revelation 13 and 17, the descriptive details of the characters (dragon, sea beast, land beast/false prophet, whore of Babylon, in the parable of judgement before the throne of God. The truth is revealed and righteous judgement is proven and established.
Revelation 14:1….Yeshua Jesus is standing on Mount Zion (high and holy place) with all His tribulation witnesses! They are before the throne of God and the heavenly court, and singing in thunderous voice to praise Him! They have been made righteous and without blemish. I believe this signifies the rapture (catching away) of the followers of Chirst! They have been caught away before the wrath of God and judgement of wickedness on earth. I believe the following bowls of wrath and Lord’s Day will be very quick, decisive judgements.
Revelation 14:7…The hour of God’s judgement has come. Verse 11, declares that all those who pay allegiance to “the beast” and have his mark will have torment forever. The angels giv3e the last chance call for repentance. Verse 13, from now on, all who die in the Lord are blessed. There will be no more catching away of the living. Remember, the rapture/catching away has already happened.
Revelation 14: 15-19…Jesus and His angels come in the clouds to harvest the earth. Jesus explains His parable abou this reaping event in Matthew 13: 37-43.
Revelation 15….the bowls of God’s wrath and judgement are presented in His sanctuary. Verses 3-4, it is obvious and declared that God is holy, true, righteous, and just! His righteous judgements and deeds have been displayed in heaven’s court. Verse 8, His sancturary is filled with the smoke of His splendor, might, and power!
Revelation 16…the angels empty their bowls on the wicked of earth. The first bowl is painful sores on those with the mark of the beast. The second bowl is the whole sea turning to disgusting, smelly, decaying blood. The third bowl is the rivers and fresh water turned to blood. These judgements are just because they poured out the blood of God’s people so they should have blood to drink. The fourth bowl intensifies the sun that it scorches humanity.
Revelation 16:9…People curse God. They refuse to repent or regret their wicked ways, or recognize Him as holy God! And in verse 19….the beast, His kingdom, and his followers are plunged into excruciating tormenting darkness that causes pain. In their anguish, they still blaspheme God and choose the antichrist spirit.
Then, the sixth bowl is emptied to dry up the Euphrates so it can be a road for eastern armies. Demoic spirits come out of the dragon, beast, and false prophet to gather people together at Armageddon for a great final war. They all gather together at Armageddon. I believe this all happens in quick sequence.
Revelation 16:15….Then, Jesus comes Himself, surprising the wicked (surprising like a theif) and revealing that a robe of righteousness is only available through Him, and declaring they will be exposed in their own sin when they only trust in themselves or another.
Revelation 16:17….The seventh angel empties his bowl and announces it is done…accomplished. Verses 18-21 tells of lightening flashes, thunder rumbling, a tremendous earthquake, the mighty city splits in three, the cities of the nations fall, every island flees, mountains are leveled and fifty pound hailstones fall from the sky. This is the description of the Lords’ Day….a dark, dark, dark day for the wicked, but a day of victory and rejoicing for the saints…the day that Yeshua Jesus returns in victory over evil and to be established as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
This is called The Day of the Lord, the Lord’s Day, or The Day of Atonement. One of God’s designated holy days in the Old Testament is The Day of Atonement. It comes after the Feast of Trumpets and the 10 Days of Awe. Can you see the foreshadow of Revelation and the actual coming of Christ? The 10 Days of Awe were the last chance days for people to repent of their sin with real intentions to follow God and His righteousness. On the Day of Atonement, the door is shut and there is no more opportunity for repentance… is time for judgement. The consequences will be experienced in the coming year. This holy holiday was to always be a remembrance of that final coming of the Messiah in victory for deliverance from evil.
Do you want to know what this day will look like? God’s Word, the Bible, gives multitudes of prophecies of the Lord’s Day and also examples concerning God’s judgement on wickedness. Check out some of these “eye opening” views into that coming day…..
Joel 2
Isaiah chapters 1-4 and 13
Zechariah 14
Malachi 4
Zephaniah chapters 1-3
Micah 3-4
Obediah 1
Amos 5
Hosea 3
Acts 2:20
1 Thessalonians 5: 1-2
2 Peter 2:9
2 Peter 3:3-10
Mark 13:20
I am sure you can find more cross references if you keep searching.

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