Revelation 17 – 18 Babylon is Fallen

Revelation 17…Before we continue with revealing The Lord’s Day and its events on earth, John is caught away to see what happened to the Whore of Babylon.  Remember our study of the Whore of Babylon, those from all nations who have chosen to separate from God in order to pursue another lover with payment in worldly riches?  She is idolatrous adulterous, immoral, and lustful of worldy pleasures and treasures, including self glamorization.  A visual image –  Have you ever seen Madonna riding the beast?  Have you seen the bronze statue of the woman who rides the beast in front of the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels?  Europe is named after Europa, the Greek goddess of Phonecian origin, who is abducted by the seduction of Zeus in disguise as a bull, and is carried away on the beast’s back. (You may want to look online at this pictorial depiction by Asteas in 370-360BC, or  or Rembrandt’s “Abduction of Europa” in 1632.)

She rides the anitchrist beast of 7 worldly empires and the coming 10 kings/rulers with crowns, in order to get what she wants.  She rides and operates in the world systems.  In verse 16, we read that it is the 10 kings/rulers who will strip her, devour her, consume her with fire, and leave her desolate.  Do you not know that the “pimp” uses the whore and when he is done with consuming her, he disposes of her?

Did you hear that?  The elite leaders/rulers of the global government will burn down their world systems and eat up everything for themselves!  They are not going to spend any more time or money on bribing, pleasing, or sustaining the worldly whore!  Things are going to fall….death to the dollor….no more sports… more Hollywood or entertainment for the masses… more handouts…etc.  I believe we can already see the beginning signs of this.  The nations, people, and systems of the world are being brought into dependence on the world systems so that they can easily be brought into servitude or killed.  In her desperation, Babylon will run into the arms of the global antichrist beast empire….looking for peace, security, provision, and prosperity.  But, it is in the heart of the elite to burn down and destroy Babylon into slavery.

That is when we come to Revelation 18:2, mighty Babylon is fallen!  This is still part of the intermission before we hear more about The Day of the Lord.

Revelation 18  The Whore of Babylon and Her DestructionRecall that Babylon is the man made city of worldliness…in idolatry, immorality, lustful fleshly desires, pride, greed, selfishness, pleasure seeking, tolerance of evil, etc.  with humanistic philosophy/worldview and antichrist spirit.

Verse 1 – An angel comes to proclaim the destruction of Babylon.  This is not the beast’s manipulaton of Babylon, but rather God’s judgement.

Verse 2 – It will become desolate and a dwelling place for demons.

Verse 3 – In all nations, the rulers and elite leaders committed fornication with her and businessmen gained wealth off of her excessive luxury and desires.

Verse 4 – Heaven calls….Come out of her, My people, so you do not experience her fall!!!

Verse 5 – God is remembering her crimes and wickedness and calls them up for settlement.

Verse 6 – She will repay double for what she did to others.

Verses 7-8  – To the degree she lived luxuriously and glorified herself as queen, at the expense of pestilence, anguish, famine, and sorrows it caused others, so shall her afflictions come on her in one hour to utterly consume her.

Verses 9-10  –  The elite leaders and rulers who joined with her in immorality and luxury will weep and lament over the totally fallen great city.

Verses 11-19  –  The businessmen weep and grieve because she is no longer there to buy their luxury goods.  Their vast wordly wealth has been wiped out!  It has even closed down all shipping and trading!  

Verse 20 – Rejoice people of God, for He has executed vengeance for you!

Verses 21-23  –  The destruction of this evil city from God is violent and complete.  She will never be found again.  No more entertainers, artists, or craftsmen.  No more sounds of workers.  No more light.  No more marriage celebrations.  No more adultery with the great, prominent businessmen of earth.  No more magic spells and poisonous charm to delude and seduce the nations and their people away from God.

Verse 24 – The only thing found in worldly Babylon is the blood of prophets and saints, and of those who have been slaughtered on the earth.

Babylon (worldliness and sinful worldly systems) has been destroyed so that she can no longer impose and seduce for evil.  Come out of her so that you do not experience her afflictions.  Then, you will not weep and mourn for her, you will rejoice with heaven!

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