Revelation 19: 11 – 20:3 Yeshua Jesus Comes to Overcome Evil

It is time for Yeshua Jesus to come again to earth! He is coming to war against the enemy and to save and receive His prepared Bride. Beginning in verse 11, we have a descriptive revelation of Yeshua Jesus as our coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There are many of the same descriptions as we saw in Revelation 1 only more intense with greater glory! These descriptions reveal that He is all seeing, intensely focused, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, true, righteous, steady, eternal, holy, and just. He is coming to wage war on evil and overcome it! He is coming to make the kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of our God! He rides on the white horse of righteousness, and His angelic warriiors also ride on white horses with Him. He is The Word of God and is obedient to the Word, even unto death…His robe is dipped in sacrificial blood. He is worthy. He proclaims the sharp fulfillment of the Word of God as a sword of fulfilled prophecy to overcome nations. He rules with a strong iron rod (Revelation 2:27, Revelation 19:15). He will trample evil to accomplish the fierceness and indignation of the Almighty Father’s wrath. Fallen, prideful, lustful flesh of mankind will die and the birds will consume the corrupted flesh of evil rulers, general, captains, powerful and mighty men, even down to the lowest societal level of corrupted flesh including slaves in bondage.
Verse 19, the beast and the leaders muster their troops for battle against the Lord Yeshua Jesus. They are easily overcome. The sea beast and the land beast/false prophet are overpowered and seized. They are hurled alive in the fiery lake of brimstone. The rest of their militarty troops are killed with the sword of the Lord (the judgement of the Word of God). And the birds eat their dead flesh.
In Revelation 20: 1-3, we see the destination of the dragon. Yeshua Jesus overpowers the dragon, that ancient fiery serpent, the devil and satan, and securely binds him in chains and throws him into the bottomless pit which is closed and sealed above him for 1000 years. He will no longer be able to deceive or seduce people in all nations in order to lead them away from God. Yet after 1000 years, the dragon will be liberated for a short time for God’s purposes of testing the Millennial Age people. They also must be given free choice to follow God or follow the devil in his rebellion. Real love requres free choice. It is hard to imagine that after living for 1000 years in an earthly kingdom under the King of Righteousness, King and Lord Yeshua Jesus, where peace and prosperity are abundant for all, without disease or death, that anyone would not want to continue to love and serve King Yeshua Jesus. But, amazingly when Satan is released, he convinces and decieves many to again follow him in rebellion to God. How totally foolish!

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