Chapter 4 Why I Believe in Creation

Do you believe in creation by God or in evolution? Evolution has been taught in schools as fact, yet it is far from factual. In this chapter, Kennedy gives many quotes by highly educated evolutionists who admit that evolution is unproved and unprovable. Therefore, it is believed by faith and not logic or evidence. Below are some of these quotes:
“The more one studies paleontology (the fossil record), the more certain one becomes that evolution is based on faith alone.” Professor Louis T More
“Evolution is a theory universally accepted not because it has been observed to occur or can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative-special creation-is clearly incredible.” D.M.S. Watson
“The facts of paleontology seem to support creation and the flood rather than evolution. For instance, all the major groups of invertebrates appear suddenly in the first fossiliferous strata (Cambrian layer) of the earth with their distinct specializations indicating that they were all created almost at the same time.” Professor Enoch, zoologist at the University of Madras
Even Darwin himself said, “Geological research…does not yeild the infinitely many fine gradations between past and present species required.”
Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s greatest promoter of evolution, said, “The primary and direct evidence in favor of evolution can be furnished only by paleontology….If evolution has taken place, its makrs will be left; if it has not taken place, there will be its refutation.”
The fossil record does not show any find gradations required for evolution to be true. Evolution is the preferred belief when someone chooses to not believe in God. Hitler and Nazism pushed the idea that Germans had “evoloved” into a “super race”. Mussolini, who frequently quoted Darwin, believed war was essential to ensure the “survival of the fittest”. Karl Marx asked Darwin to write the introduction to “Das Kapital” because he believed that Darwin provided a scientific foundation for Communism. The consequences of believing an evolutionary, imperialistic, naturalistic view of life are destructive and inhumane!
This chapter also has a great discussion concerning the probabilites of evolution. Dr. James Coppedege, PhD, as a director of the Center for Probablility Research in Biology in California, applied all the laws of probability to the possibility of a single cell coming into existence by chance evolution. The chance of a single protein molecule to evolve would take 10 to the 262th power years. For the smallest living cell, it would take 10 to the 119,841th power. Probability experts point out that anything of a probability ratio of more than 10 to the 50th power will never happen.
T. H Morgan, a vocal evolutionist had to admit, “Within the period of human history we do not know of a single instance of the transformation of one species into another one….It may be claimed that the theory of descent is lacking, therefore, in the most essential feature that it needs to place the theory on a scientific basis. This must be admitted.”
Evolution is a “leap of faith” without evidence and not very logical. Why would people choose to believe evolution without any proof? Yet, we can see in reality the evidence of supreme intelligence and mindfulness in creation when examined scientifically. There is a Supreme Creator. It is important to search Him out and come to know Him. It is the Creator to whom we need to answer for our lives and beliefs, especially when He gives us so much to see that bears witness of Him in nature and in ourselves. He is reality because He created it. What do you believe, trust, and put your faith in? Why?
(For more research, just search “creation scientists” online.)

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