Chapter 8 Why I Believe In Christ

In this chapter, Kennedy reaffirms similar evidences for Christ as in his chapter on the evidences for the Bible. We live by faith, but what we believe is also based in logic and fact. Archeology, including the increasing number of ancient records, and the scientific dating of Biblical manuscripts, make the past theory of Jesus being a myth impossible. It is more certain that Jesus lived and what the Bible records of Him as true, than evidence for the existence of a real Plato. Kennedy cites many ancient records of historians and government officials who also document the life of Jesus. The four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have been proven to have been written by these men as contemporiaries of Jesus, as eye witnesses. Yet, Peter, an eye witness, says that the prophecies of Jesus in the Bible, God’s Words, are a more sure evidence of Jesus as Savior (2 Peter 1).
More evidence….all the disciples of Jesus were immensely persecuted and martyred, yet they never changed their testimony concerning Jesus. A person does not suffer torment or pain for something they know is not true, especially if it does not bring them any personal or worldly gain. And how would anyone explain their change and commitment level from before the cross and then after the resurrection and appearance of Jesus? They began as fearful, abandoning, hiding, and even not believing the report of the women proclaiming Jesus resurrection. But, they became bold, vocal, public, and faithfully committed unto death. Kennedy mentions that God may have allowed them to be martyred in order to give the people in ages to come…a more sure evidence for Chirst.
Jesus is still changing the lives of people today! This is the “I know that I know” evidence. Coming into relationship with Jesus has and continues to change my life, as He does for many others as well! I know His presence. I know His voice. I know Him. Jesus is real and He is always the way He says He is in the Bible! He is always true and speaking truth.
There never has been and never will be anyone like Him. People freely admit that He was good. But, they cannot believe that if they read what He says about Himself in the Bible and do not believe it. If they do not believe He is the Son of God, the Son of Man, Savior, and Lord, then they are calling Him a liar and deceiver, or at best a lunatic. You cannot logically call Him good and yet not believe in Him and what He says. If He is good, He speaks truth. Seek Him. It is the most important thing you will ever do!

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