Chapter 10 Why I Believe In Christianity

D. James Kennedy makes a point to first clarify what he means by Christianity. He is talking about those who believe Jesus is the Son of God, Savior, and Lord; and therefore, read His Word to know Him more and follow Him more closely. He explains that he is aware that there are people who claim to be Christians, but are not true beleivers in relationship with Jesus or trying to follow Him.
“By their fruits you will know them.” Matthew 7:16
Then, he gives many examples of the fruits of Christians int eh world since the time of the early church. Some of these good fruits include….

  • the Christian church grew from 12 disciples into a huge powerful force in spite of Jesus not being well known and an impossible sounding resurection testimony and under intense persecution and martyrcom; it required supernatural guidance and assistance.
  • the love, protection, and value of children resulted from Christianity, most other past cultures and religions give absolute authority of parents to treat children as property,e ven to their abuse, sale into slavery, or to kill them.
  • the love, protection, value, and respect for women; in most heathen cultures and religions, women are also the possession of men and not given respect or freedom, but rather to be as submissive slaves expecting abuse if upleasant.
  • Christianity had a huge impact and influence in removing slavery as commonplace in the world
  • Christian missions helped to bring peace to tribal violence as well as abolishing cannibalism
  • Christianity has had a huge impact and influence in promoting education throughout the world, due to the belief that all should be enabled to read the Word of God in teh Bible for themselves
  • Christianity had a huge impact in the founding of America as a nation and democracy as a governmental system, ruled under God, by the people and for the people, with religious freedom.
  • Christian love and compassion have been at the root of many charities to feed, clothe, heal, and shelter the poor.
    Where would the world be without Christianity? We greatly take for granted the gifts of Christianity in which we live today! America and the world are now moving away from Christianity. What is to become of us as a result?

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