2 Peter 3

2 Peter 3
Peter begins by telling us the purpose for writing both of his letters. Remember, his main audience are Jews who believe Jesus is teh promised Messiah. Peter is reminding them of the prophecies of their forefathers, the commandments and teachings of jesus, who is Messiah, Savior, and Lord (Master), also the gospel message given through His apostles (special messengers). He also warns them that scoffers, mockers, and people walking after the flesh wkll come, even more so in the last days. These unbelievers who scoff and mock at Jesus will be Jews and worldly Gentiles.
Verses 4-10. They will mock and ask, “Where is the promise of His coming?” They forget that God’s Word is true and effective as when He spoke creation into being and when the flood came as He prophesied to Noah. By His same true and sure Word, the present earth and heaven will fall by thunderous crash and intense fire in His day of judgement and destruction of the ungodly. Jesus will come again as King to judge evil. Hre is the fact that explains…with the Lord, one day is as a thousand years and one thousand years as on day. The Lord is not late in keeping His promises, rather He is long-suffering and patient, not desiring that any perish, but that all should trun to Him in repentance.
Verses 11-14. Since this end is determined, what sort of person sould we be? We should be consecrated (set apart from the world), devout, with godly character and behavior. We should be looking for the new heaven and new earth of His promise, a place of righteousness, freedom from sin, and abiding with God in right relationship. If we really expect His coming, we should be eager to have Him find us in peace…with sincere trust and confidence in Him, free from fear, free from agitating emotions and passions and moral conflicts. We should be found faithful.
Verses 15-17. Remember that the Lord is long-suffering and full of grace in waiting for His second coming in judgement….for the purpose of repentance unto the salvation of souls. Paul also speaks of this salvation grace in his letters to gentiles, some things being difficult to understand. Be warned, some ignorant and unstable people will misconstrue and twist what he says, the same way they distort other scriptures. Do not be persuaded by the error of thes twisted people and thier twisted ideas. They will cause you to fall away and into destruction. Gurad your mind and heart to keep it steadfastly in truth.
I am reminded that the truth of salvation by repentance and coming into relationship with Jesus is a narrow road with ditches on either side. One twist is that salvation is all grace and there is no application of the truth of righteousness vs. sin and continual repentance. The other side is the burden of sin and condemnation requiring a person to gain salvation by good works. Both are twisting of truth. The truth is that we are saved when we repent and receive God’s grace gift of salvation through continued relationship with Jesus, where we strive to live in Him and His Words and His Way, because we love Him, are thankful, and know it is best and most wise. We exercise absolute truth by grace in loving eternal faithful relationship with Jesus.
Verse 18,. Grow in experiencing the undeserved grace and favor of God. Grow in spiritual strength. Grow in the recognition, knowledge of, and understanding of Jesus, our Savior and Lord (Master)….His will and His ways of being right (righteousness). To God be the glory, honor, majesty, and splendor, from now through all eternity!
Amen, meaning “this is most certainly true.”

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